Second Grow Purple express


Uh the solo I think was only a few days old, 5 days max??
And the other was taken 21 days later
She was my first, and like any man’s first she taught me lots!! :sunglasses:


Jane and Mary or Mary and Jane


Well if thts 5days my two girls are approximately 2.5cm and 3.5 cm today going to put the pics up later that i didnt have time to do yeterday but i will do it today with the names.


Well family here what youve been waiting for the girls have there names and this is pics from the first one to the show leaves now names are a bit different but since its Xmas.

As you can see the girls have there names. And its going to be exciting and you are all welcome to join


Them are pretty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
You upload the same picture :joy:


Fixed tht now had an upset child so got ditracted


They need a lot of attention :joy:, the children’s.
I love the names… Good luck my friend


Thanks well a big hiya to my grow fam out there i hope you all had a good xmas for those of us who celebrate it thats is. And for those who dont i hope you enjoyed the holidays none the less. Anyway back to the good stuff. I am chuffed at the progress but then i am still new to this so i always love to ask other peoples view help and advice. Anyway so here are some new photos today.


there fam its both girls. @Shuggz @bob31 @Nug-bug @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @Kapelady.


She’s doing great dude. Minimal stretch, nice and sturdy. :+1::ok_hand: she’s fine :sunglasses:


I agree, looks good from here. Happy holidays to you as well!


Thanks again to you all. And thank you. Glad you like the pics. Anyway today is a new day and I l cant wait to see the girls today.


Ya they look great!



Looking good my friend. Remember no feeding ok

Will joint


What do you mean no feeding. @garrigan65 i am using the guides that i have with the nutrients i have and only giving 1/2 strength of anything they advise to use and al see how tht works for them.

And here are the girls today looking nice and if you look close there 3rd or 2nd which ever way u count how many sets of leaves. Anf because its autoflower i am growing i think or should say i assume that depending on were your autoflower seedling is in its cycle when 1 you decide when to start your nutes 2nd also depending on wat brand or line of nutrients you use also contributes to when and how much. And 3rd is figuring out were your autoflower seedling is in comparison to a regular photo seedling because autos are a bit faster at veg cycle. Now thos is only a theory and until i actually grow a regular photo plant then i wont know for sure. Anyway back to what i am saying now. With auto your advised to use a lower dosage than you would regular right now that part i get but if autos grow faster than regular seeds then surely althou u may only have put the seeds in a week or so ago thy already look as if thy are 3wks plus because of the quickness of the auto’s and shortness of veg period wouldnt that mean tht although thy have only beenin a medium or hydro which ever grow you use thts not important part what i am trying to make sense and understand that i am getting figure it out is this if the process has been altered and speeded it up then would you not be giving nutrients to your auto’s for plants that are at wk 4 of veg instead of its wk1 because they grow faster supposedly. ??? I do hope you all understand what it is am trying to explain. @bob31 @Shuggz @M4ur @Nug-bug @garrigan65 @Kapelady @dbrn32 @


She’s working on her first set of true leaves. Don’t feed until the feeder leaves yellow up and die! You’re taking a risk feeding them this early :+1:. Looking good so far though!


In this stage it’s a big NO for nutes… After them have at least 4 sets of true leaves… No matter if them are autoflowering…
Your soil have already some food for them… Right? Do you read the soil label?


Regardless on the medium, I wouldn’t think of feeding before the round feeder leaves yellow up and die. They can supply the plant with enough until they get a little bigger. Just ph’d water til then :+1:


@Mikos…looking good!



As I said, you never feed seedlings until they have 5 true sets of leaves. That is fact and anyone will tell you the same thing. You are taking a rick feeding them as @MattyBear Has said. If you continue you’ll be asking for help for that.



Well lets set one thing out now wat i am given is supposed to be given or so the chart says and its only bio heven and root juice thts all both things you start on from day 1 if you are using the line that i am. The nurients or bio grow and other parts of this line dont start getting introduced into the feeding routine. And i was advised in my last grow is to follow my chart since alot of people ive spoken with hasnt heard of or cant get this brand because of where they live. Anyway tht is not my worry today i got up and checked my meters for temp etc and it seems like my heater may of stopped working throught the night and my temp dropped to 4degrees celcius well tht was what the lowest temp recorded read. Anyway my question is should i be concerned or will they be ok if its a one off. ??? @bob31 @garrigan65 @Shuggz. And a big thanks to all your input i really appreciate it right or wrong good or bad it doesnt matter i like to hear other people’s opinions and views. So thank you all again. Thanks @Kapelady @Nug-bug @M4ur @MattyBear @dbrn32. I do listen and take and even use alot of the advice i just get confused when i get told different things from other folk that contradicts the stuff ive already been told. So forgive me for using my line of nutrients the way its says however i dont give full strength of anything at this early stage. But as you can see they are doing just fine. I hope.!!!

this was taking on 29.12.17 and they are doing fine here. And if you look at the pictures below then you will agree they are doing fine. And will be on water for a couple of feeds like i always do. Anyway if ive came across this morning as grumpy or that pay no intention. I aint a morning person.