Second Grow Purple express


I don’t think that is a good photo to share.
They say 7 weeks but to be 7 weeks everything needs to be perfect…but perfect. So good luck with that👍


I get tht its just thought it might interest people but i agree with many you cant rush perfection no matter what others do to speed up the process doesnt mean you will get good or decent plants. I get it speed isnt always best some times speed is nessicery depending on your needs. My needs is my illness as is my partners needs. Anyway just thought i would let you all know about these. Anyway enough of tht as i said people ive started .


Well as you know i dropped 2 seeds into water at room temp and waited for them to sink which they did under 4hrs so i put them into my little container and i will check them in the morning and maybe the first pics of the journal will finally start. Well its all good and its al to do with the girls now and with a little help from myself and support from my grow fam and it will be all good.


The pictures is a problem because is not from here so I will guess is not fair play to put that :joy: just a thought.
And I know what you are saying, it’s very hard to not have this meds. But if you know how to play this game you will be able to have meds anytime, whit low cost and forever! :v::+1:


Thts the plan my friend. @M4ur no as long as there isnt any company names etc thn i dont think its a issue but i wiil see just incase.


Am also thinking of a couple of space buckets since i have some parts etc kicking about what you all think. .


Well am about to check the girls out a 2nd time so lets see what am doing nxt you never know thy might need a nice dark dirty warm bed to go into. Lets see. If you dont hear back later my friends then i am busy dealing with the girls. Oh this is exciting.


We were discussing doing a tutorial on them, but I never got around to it. Care to give us a play by on the build if you decide to do a few?


Yeah not a problem if i can get them to work the way i saw it being done then yeah it seems easy enough and i actually have plenty of old PC towers kicking about and there fans are perfect for the job so that be fun might do a journal or something like that. I still have some seeds 5 i think so was thinking of trying it out as an experiment since the light i will be using at this time would only be aproxmatley 80w so its not big however its not supposed to be to powerful. So yeah might do the whole thing from start to finished product just as a DIY with what i have laying around. @dbrn32


It looked like a few people were making them out of 20 gallon trash cans? The metal ones you get peel and stick two sided heat transfer tape, and mount led pcb’s directly to side of can. Just a thought if you bigger than 5 gallon buckets.


Anyway my friends i dropped the girls into bed and tucked them up for the nyt i bet there will be a beautiful sight at some point tomz. These girls seem to be pretty fast already so here a little pic before i drop them in to there warm bed.

So what you all think. I like them in dirt as fast as i can get them in.


Here is a head scratcher. Now i get all the info tht people have learnt over the last 50 60yrs or more right but the autoflower is fairly new to the scene. Yeah you have the ruderalis thats been around but that itself isnt very good so we then used science to make a new type of seed now yes its a seed none the less but since we have made the gentics then surely it also can alter everything we do know about growing regular or even feminized seeds aswell by taking out stuff and putting other things in place then it has also got to be possible to speed up even the flowering process aswell. Thats my way of seeing all this now am no scientist or have degrees or anything like that what i do have is lots of life experience for my age and comon sense aswell as knowledge on bits of everything. So even though people have designed autoflower we are still learning about them and i must admit that although some people think they cant be ready in such a short window but i personal think they can and i have tried and tested with my last grow and i know many out there grow autos regularly or just as much as ppl grow regular photo’s and what i got last time yeild was dissapointing but thats all in my eyes. Wow rant over sorry folks bit out there tonight. Oh well never mind back to this journal am looking forward to seeing these girls. And i like to name my girls and since its xmas i think wee must have a Holly and eh well let me think of another or if you have any ideas drop me a msg and you never know you might be the one who got to name my other girl.?? Anyone is welcome.


Has a strong Christmas name.
And also the name of my mum


I had one do that

For what ever reason this blueberry auto started flowering straight out the gate so to speak it is maybe 8” tall. Lil dwarf berry


Well my grow family how exciting is this now i can in to do my checks etc and look at what has happened the first one has arrived and she is going to look good after its first 18 of light and 6 of dark total (24hrs) and you can see the difference. So here is the very first pic. Of my first girl still not named her yet. I will be taking requests.

thats not been to long either think less than 24hrs since i planted her need to double check incase i have lost a day but thts allowed been bit hectic. Anyway my friends what the verdict and have any of you any ideas on names dont be shy now fam give me some idea nice xmasy names ive already got one picked but it might change if none better comes along. So friends what you think. @Shuggz @M4ur @Nug-bug @dbrn32 @Growit @bob31 @Kapelady @garrigan65 so to clear it up its been just under 48hrs since they were planted. So anyway this might be the last post till after xmas my friends unless i get some free time to post if not i will post all about it and how they are doing after xmas.


@Mikos…looks great!


Instead of a “Mary” how about a “Merry” ? Meryl perhaps?


Yeah thats a good one i will put it with others i have and will pick later on since we have two lovely girls showing up today so i will be posting new pics. Along with there names so if you want to be involved just give me your ideas of names to do with xmas. On another note this is for anyone who grows regular seeds or feminized am looking for information and pics if you have them from 1day to 4wks i have am trying to figure out how much quickier these autos are and maybe it will help me figure something out am working on and i think the answer are in the actual seeds that create these autos but i have to wait and see but if am right it might help with a couple things.


That’s 21 days in between pic
Hope it’s helpful
Oh it’s a sour diesel fem


When was the pic in the cup taking how many days or weeks is the seedling. And am guessing the other is 21days. Thanks @Nug-bug and thts exactly the type of pics i want just with how old they are days old or weeks old the more info the better but age and pic is fine aswell. Thanks. Not long now my grow family before i wont take anymore names. So if you want to help name my 2 girls with xmas names only. Dont be shy tell me ur ideas on xmas names plz. Thanks. Once i have there names picked i will post the winning names with the picture of who they are. So lets here them names @Shuggz @M4ur @Growit @bob31 @garrigan65 @Kapelady