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Well guys i checked my girls today and if am totally honest i can see a difference with splitting the stem however i shouldve did it a week ago however ive never grew these strain but nxt time i do i know more than i did before. And thts been 24hrs plus in darkness and no different but there are so many factors that can explain it. From what ive learnt tht stress or a number of reasons anyway as i had flushed them aswell just before all this i am putting it down to that and splitting the stems so close together am assuming its been alot for them and they have slowed right down so i think i will cut them down today. Got few things doing first then i will deal with this sad day for the girls but that step closer to my end goal. @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @Donaldj @M4ur @Shuggz @Kapelady


That’s what it’s all about, applying what you learn and making each grow better. Congrats!


If your gonna take her, make urethane to chop her before the lights come on .
And remember a slow dry I very important to the final product :sunglasses:
Nice job getting her to harvest. Great work


Thanks my friend one thing is one smells funny and its the one that didnt look so good as if she was burning or something like tht. Do all the plants have a hole in the stem inside it from about around were the stem goes hard to soft just after the hard stock there starts a hole in a stem not sure if it should be like tht or not as i didnt check my other plant before i put her away in card board box for a couple days before i hang them all up to dry. Or have i got all confused and done it the wrong way round. ??? @dbrn32


I don’t know, I’ve never split the stem or anything like that before.


Its not to do with tht it was in both my last grow and this one but only one i noticed this time and all 3 the last grow but thy all had issues from root bound to magnesium deficiency. But no matter i will find out at some point anyway. Thanks. One more thing have i did this back to front ive put my buds into cardboard box and a brown paper bag or do i hang them upto dry first. Or is tht 2 different methods of drying and am confusing them together. If anyone know plz tell me thanks. @Shuggz @dbrn32 @Nug-bug @garrigan65 @Donaldj @Kapelady @M4ur



I do it like this…HANG 7 -10 DAYS

WILL party


Thanks i will sort it now and hang them up for a week or so then bag it jar it thanks. After this journal am spending time getting this alk sorted out so i dont have to keep asking same dumb ass questions over and over cause of this dam whole in my head i forget stuff to much sorry guys. @garrigan65 dont know why i put them in the box and paper bag first i mustve saw or heard about doing it tht way. ??



No worries my friend. You just keep asking and we’ii keep telling you…Hows that ?

Will joint


Sounds good to me brother. Can you help me with my nxt grow as in can you advise me on equipment. Ive been looking around. But there are so much on offer etc and hps led mh cfl am just not sure now i have stuff here obviously but am allowed to start from scratch but i also dont want to go crazy either tho i wont ever grow any more than 8 at once but more likely max will probz only ever be 4 or 6 max but my space i want it to fit 8. The tent size i want or can have is 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m thats the only thing i can decide on now amazon has a hps 600w full kit at a ok price but is it any good. Uk is different from US aswell as alot of LEDs and other fans filter etc i can get here. Would you be kind and do me a list of equipment i need to buy to start a grow. List like a first time grower would need. Pleasse @garrigan65 when you get a min if you dont mind plz.



That’s what it all about " LEARNING " Each grow gets better and better and next thing you know your telling us how to grow…Imagine That !

Will smileys-drinking-beer


@Mikos i know some growers will put it in a bag to quick dry the buds
Im not a fan of that myself i also have a similar drying process as @garrigan65 does
remember the longer you cure it the better it taste to a point it will reach max potential eventually
Happy growing and you cant go wrong with garrigan65 on your team


Dont get the last bit of your message @Countryboyjvd1971 am thinking a miss spelling of something ???


Im thinking the same thing lol garrigan65 editing me lol today thanks Will



Ask and you shall receive…

Grow Tent:





PH Kit:


Here is my list so far… Might give you ideas…

Lasko 2521 Oscillating Stand Fan, 16-Inch 1 ea

Simple Deluxe HIWKLTCLAMPLIGHTM Clamp Lamp Light w/ 8.5-Inch Reflector, 150-Watt, 6-Foot Cord, UL Listed 2 ea

3 Way ( Straight Shaped ) with Plug Locations On The left, Right, and Middle – Wall Outlet Splitter Triple Prong Wall Plug Adapter– Green Color 1 ea

SPL Horticulture GLRP18 Pair of 1/8" Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger w/ Improved Metal Internal Gears 4 2-pk

Ideal-Air 380037 Noise Reduction Clamp, 6" 1 ea

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Noise Reducer Silencer for Inline Duct Fan 1 ea

Covery 3 in 1 Soil Tester Moisture Meter, Light and PH acidity Tester, Plant Tester 1 ea

Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer 2 ea

Philips 433557 23W 100-watt T2 Twister 6500K CFL Light Bulb 1 4-pk

200 Count- Jiffy 7 Peat Soil 42mm Pellets Seeds Starting Plugs 1 200-pk

Stansport Reinforced Multi-Purpose Tarp 2 ea

G-LEAF 5-Gallon 10-Bag Grow Bag, Grow Pot for Plant 1 10-pk

General Hydroponics GH1514 Ph Control Kit 1 each

VIVOSUN 440 CFM 6" Inline Duct Fan with 6" Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal 1 ech

Growsun 60"x60"x80" Horticulture Grow Tent 5x5 Indoor Growing Tents Mylar Hydroponic Grow Room 1 ea

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 900W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower 2 ea

Pack of 3 - 22 Oz Durable Empty Spray Bottles 1 3-pk

Yield Lab 5ft. x 15ft (60 in x 180 in) Soft Mesh Trellis Netting 1 ea

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom 1 ech

Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer - Dual Outlet 1 ea

10 Plant Growing Trays (No Drain Holes) 1 10-pk

Digital Aid Professional pH Meter with Large Backlit LCD Screen 1 ea

Foxfarm FX14000 Ocean Forest Soil, Smart Naturals, 1.5 cubic feet 3 ea

White Widow Seeds 1 10-pk

My Cozy Home Pruner - Bypass Pruning Shears with Safety Lock 1 ea

Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer - Dual Outlet 1 ea

iPower GLDUCT25C Non-Insulated Ducting Aluminum Foil Vent with 2 Clamps, 25-Feet 6-Inch 1 ea

AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor 1 ea

Lasko 2004W 2-Speed Clip Fan, 6-Inch, White 1 ea

3’ Fixture Chain, Nickel - 2 Pack 1 2-pk

Hydrofarm HGS16P Green Premium Saucer 1 10-pk

Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector 1 ea

6 Inch Plastic Flower Seedlings Nursery Supplies Planter Pot/pots Containers 1 40-pk

Farmer in the Glen 10"x20.75" Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat for Hydroponics, Propogation and Cloning - Mat Only 1 ea

Apex REM 15 15-Foot Connector Hose 1 ea

A1001 Heavy Duty Brass Y 2 Way Garden Hose Connector Brass 2-Way Splitter 1 ea

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Oh…You Saw That…lmao


Just a quick flash a 1/2 second later and I wouldn’t have @garrigan65



And even that wasn’t long enough…lmao


Thanks now i know what i need few things i havs but am allowed to buy everything i need so am glad u sent tht its funny i was thinking about tht vivosun and was told no by the bloke in the hydro store near me am now thinking it was so i bought from him now i know amazon has the good decent brands am needing to produce nice big nugs. Oh and my wet weight was 200g
@garrigan65 thanks but they arent avalible in the uk at amazon. But thy have ram and mars viparspectra the tent not tht brand



That’s ok just read up before you by…in other words make sure it’s what you need. Just a thought.
OH…I found this one. Just something else to mull over. ( look over )

The set up… could help a beginner (I’ve researched for the past few days 8 hours a day)
advanced growers please give your thumbs up or down
2 x 2 x 2 m tent
600w omega digital light and ballast with metal halide bulb - (I got a spare HPS so I can use it for flowering, or if this one dies)
X 2 1200w LED lights (cheap as chips on ebay, 200 dollars for the pair, we’ll see if they’re better than one 200 dollar light)
6" rhino filter - 428 m3/hour
40 x magnifier (for those final days, god willing…)
X3 Heavy duty timers for lights
Digital laser thermometer
PH UP DOWN + p h meter
clay balls for topping the soil
Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix (medium)
Advanced nutrients x3 bloom flower
thermos / hydrometers x 2 for that extra accuracy in the tent
Great White - Premium Mycorrhizae Strong Root Boost Protection
dehumidifier - (extremely important)
X 2 oscillating fans
and… of course seeds
Total about 800usd - not bad for a total set up, with the rhino keeping you safe, and the mixture of lights, i’m quite proud of this list - anyone care to add anything please go ahead - peace