Second Grow Purple express


You did good :wink::+1:. Now wach the trichomes more often(twice a day :wink:).


I will do this time i will do wet and dry weight. There will also be a gap bit of a gap before i do my next journal but by then i hope to have new equipment. So i will be looking for advice on what medium and what nutrients am going to use as i want to try something different and there are a couple of starter packs on amazon thts perfect for someone like me who only grows 2 to 4 plants at a time. So all help and tips of nutes and meduim also remember am in the uk so some brands arent available to me.


@M4ur that i will do my friend they will be down in the nxt 5 to 7days i go more for 5 tho but just have to wait and see.


Yeah she does look nice and dusty but am wanting jack frost to be staying on these girls and i have about 5 to 7days before i harvest maybe 5days i havent decided yet. ?? @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @M4ur @BIGE @Shuggz @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @Kapelady @bob31 what you all think should i wait 5 days switch lights off for 48hrs or wait 3days or wait 1 day and do it. The longer i wait the better as long as i dont miss my thrichomes and to many are amber. I will be checking them every day maybe even twice. But do i wait till they are ready before doing the 48hrs darkness or do i do the 48hrs darkness during the thrichomes turning clear to milky ,milky to amber or after tht. This is were i get confused at when to harvest them. Need to do a harvest check list to tick off just as i get to the end of each grow to keep me right. Lol.


It your call when you harvest and harvest on tricombes when you reach you comfort zone
Then dark period i only use a 24 hr dark myself



It’s up to you at this point. Just remember the more amber the more you stay on the couch…lol



You have 2 plants… Why you don’t make a little experiment :joy:
Go whit one another 7 days and one only 5 :+1:
This way you can see what is best for you next time :+1::wink:


Thanks guys well am going to check them again in a little bit and see were we are then decide another day of lights or start the dark decent. Well what do you guys do for harvesting can you all tell me step by step and your temps etc so i can see what you all do and decide how i will go please. @dbrn32 @Donaldj @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Shuggz @M4ur


Got a question. In the dark period is it just the lights you turn off and wats your temps and humidity kept at.
@Shuggz @Donaldj @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @M4ur and can you all tell me how yous all run your fans etc r thy on 24/7 or do they operate separately and go on and off on timers if on timers how do they run r thy so many mins on and so many off.??


Chop, do quick trim, hang upside down in about 70 degree 50% humidity dark room until smaller stems kind of crack when you bend them. They don’t have to physically break off, but should definitely not be pliable. Then do a detailed manicure and place in jars to cure.

Once in jars I use hygrometer, but it’s not necessary. Place buds loosely in leaving a little bit of room for them to breath. Open every few hours for the first week. Some people empty jar, and then replace. If my hygrometers read over 55% I dump them out on a plate for about 15 minutes then replace. If they’re less than 65% I usually just remove lid for a minute or two then replace. If you’re not using hygrometer, just watch for buds to seem to equalize moisture. If they’re done sweating, usually about a week or so, you can drop your burping down to about once per day. After about a week of that (two weeks total roughly) you should have reasonably smokeable bud. Curing them for about another two weeks will make it better though. At some point between that two and four weeks I’ll toss boveda pack in jars for longer term storage. I usually base that off readings from hygrometer as well.


I bookmark this answer @dbrn32 :wink: :+1:


For the record, far from the only way to do it. I think if you asked 10 different people you’ll get 5 different ways, or more. But you’ll see a lot of similarities too.

In my opinion, the biggest part is to not over dry. It’s hard to bring them back from that. After that, as long as you burp them regularly you’re usually in the clear. They’re a little prone to mold and not off gassing the chemicals if you don’t, especially that first week.


Yup @dbrn32 got this one pegged…good job my friend



Wat about the cardbord boxes or paper bag method anyone. Plz feel free do so .


@dbrn32 @garrigan65 @M4ur @Donaldj can you tell me this spell of darkness do i just switch lights off and keep the temps between certain level of temperature and humidity. Or does it matter. Or it is just another case of its upto me wat i do with the temp weather i have the fans on or off in this darkness period. ?? Heeeellp


I will let everything else on… Only difference will be the light :mobile_phone_off:… The RH needs to be around <40%(30%)89E12A51-E6B4-4779-A637-E97933E03DE9


@Mikos…looks great!


Try to keep atmosphere same as you did before. A little swing one way or the other not going to change much.


Thanks. For all this guys. Still not got the hang of this yet but i will. Any help ta.



Just shut your lights off for 48 hours and keep your fan on and keep your humidity around 40 50%that’s it very easy to do just do it that way I believe you were told many times over but I do understand the excitement in this all Hell you got all of us on our toes …lmas

Wishing you the best harvest keep us posted