Second Grow Purple express


@Mikos…looks like burn to me too …I would prob think nute but check your lighting too! If close to end then only water is what you should be doing anyways!


My thoughts exactly. I will have to do more research in reguards to this one but hey should be fun too findout. Thanks if anyone else can help with anything to do with this light feel free to contact me and fill me in.


@Mikos because it’s doing a liquid scarification to the seed. Basically breaks down the shell enough to let oxygen in.


And whats the benifits of tht.


Gives the seed the ability to breath in more oxygen which helps it grow and the weakening of the shell helps that growth break through easier.


Oh kl well if i ever have an issue thn thts wat i will try to help me germinate. If tht is touch wood .


Am planning grows 3 and 4 just now my friends but i am not sure what i want to try this time i have decided to try growing feminized photoperiod ones thou but will be a couple months or longer especially if we move house. And i am unsure at what i want to try and were to get it from aswell. I am thinking of ordering online but am not sure yet. And if i do then i want to see wat strains ilgm is selling atm. Just cause of our laws buying isnt an issue growing is and i can choose what i want and take them straight home and start but wen u order you have to wait and hope customs dont get them. Or raise attention to myself for ordering them. Anyway am wanting a strain thats high thc high yeilding with a ok cbd level in one strain the other high thc high yeilding would be good but not essential. Anyone any views or thoughts on what i should purchase nxt time i get seeds.


Anyway this is getting off track here are some pics i took yesterday after i flushed her and now thts it no more feed or water thts them on the final push i will be turning off lights either tonight or tomorrow night for the last time so there will be more pics comming over the nxt week but tht will be when and if i have time that day but it will get done.

As you can see these auto’s arent very big dont know if its me or the genetics hence why am looking for some ideas of were what and whom to buy nxt lot of seeds from.


@Mikos, never had a problem with ILGM but I always buy autos. I have grown white widow and have never had a problem with growing them. I did try another strain last time and had a problem with the amount that I got…amnesia haze. Still have some seeds left so I will try growing them again in about a month.


Well am pleased to say my both girls are now been flushed and doing just great and its nearing the time so i am going to split stems on both my girls since am days away so cant do much harm and am also doing 48hrs + of darkness before i harvest so i think near wkend i will harvest but will be spliting stems tonight i think. As all i have seen read or heard is good and its all a positive and both should help squeeze tht bit more from my girls. But here my other girl today what you think.

I took so many i could keep posting but then i wont have some left that are for other things. Anyway let me know what you all think now. @dbrn32 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @M4ur @garrigan65 @Shuggz @Kapelady. I spent alot of today reading and watching videos on how to split stems and the benifits so nxt time round i shall do it alot sooner than i am now however i should still see the benifits from this aswell as from the 48hrs of darkness from my research today both methods are tried and tested methods and stem splitting been used for thousands of years by the chinese to much success and canabis growers that ive came accross have been using it since the 70s or even sooner. So this cat is going to try it. It can do me any harm this close to harvest anyway can it???


Looking great, congrats!


it can’t do any harm, she will die anyway :joy:
Seems you have a plan so it’s a good one…
I see mostly milky so maybe 2-3 days whit 12/12 schedule and another 2(48h) complete darkness


See great minds think a like thts wat i was thinking. One other thing have any of you heard of a 13hr off 11 on with lights instead of the 12/12. It was a video i saw tht i picked up on it but there is alot to back it up aswell. But whats you thoughts.


I personally use 10/14 for the last 2 - 5 days (after splitting the stem I guess)… I don’t know if is helpful but I like to believe that is good :+1:


Also(I hope I’m not mistaken) the best time for harvesting is just before the light go on. I need to search that information in my journal :joy:


at first glance i thought you had dusted your plant,but a second glance she dusted herself! lol


How old are those plants?


Eh not even 55days from seed my friend.


This is my attempt of splitting the stem. ?
What do you think. The first pic was my 2nd attemp so was bit more confident. But next time i wont wait as long to do it and will benifit from 2 wks and not 2to3days. Going to see what happens.

After 2or3 days is up depending on the trichomes will depend on when they go into darkness for 48+hrs. So my friends then next few days will be exciting and am very busy so i will hope to be on every night to update if not it will be at the weekend and they will have met with the lumber jack and singing tiiiiimmmbeerrrrrr. Lol.



I’m sure your going to be just fine. Look how far you have come. The plants are going to reward you big time. They look awesome. Great work. Let us know what your finial weight is after 10 days hanging.

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