Second Grow Purple express


Rad space @Mikos diggin it
Love all things diy :+1:t3::+1:t3:


You put aluminum foil on walls and floor? If yes then that is not recommended because can focus the light and burn your plant., also I hope that is light proof, because if not your plants can become hermi. Hop this help…
If you already have 2 300w I think whit another big led panel (450-600) in the middle you will have planty of light for flowering stage i think a real power of a 300w its 100-132 so whit 2 I will say 250w real both, my meizhi 450w it’s listed to 192w real so whit this 3 you will have almost 450w real and I think that will cover enough the 1,2x1,2m space🤔. What do you think @dbrn32?
PS Im planning to buy 2 300w led for my next room, or I will build something myself whit cob lights from china :joy: but still need another big led above the canopy near the 450w


Yeah i did and it actually works very well . wen lights are out its very dark no light at all gets in unless i put it in and since its not lined all the way to the top there wont be an issue with it might do that if i had more thn 2 plants. But i will keep an eye out anyway it worked well before but you never know.


Out of likes, but I suppose it would depend on if @Mikos planned on keeping the cabinet going or not. The two 300’s seem reasonable for it, but it’s not quite as big as the projected tent, correct?

Going to a the larger tent, a 600 mh/hps would fit that nice. A cooled hood would probably be necessary, if not would definitely make life easier. If you decided to light that with leds, I may opt for something like 3 of those cheap two cob fixtures if budget is an issue. Should be under $300, and would put more photons in there than 4 small colored led panels.

Probably lots of scenarios that work. You just find the one that makes the most out of what you have and where you want to end up. I would just as easily recommend saving up the cash and getting into something with some more efficient cobs for the bigger tent


Thanks @dbrn32 and your right on most of it and i am doing all this as a learning thing i will be saving for a decent LED as thts my preference however the way am doing it is a method in my madness. Using autos for a reason just now as i am learning and was told to use autos as they are good to start with and when i have the confidence and the know how i will go onto feminized or regular.


Yep it’s fine. I guess what I meant was that I feel it’s harder to grow autos than photos. Or at least, to be successful at it. The smallest hiccup with an auto can and does throw it into flower. If that happens early, you’re stuck with a small low yielding plant. Or, you get one with a recessive auto gene that doesn’t want to flower on its own. That happens too. As opposed to a photo, where you can just veg an extra week or two if need be, and you have the control of deciding when it should flower.

Personal opinion maybe. But the only real advantage to an auto that I see is that you can usually get away with having some light leaks. Even then they are a little more prone to herm. Not trying to change your mind or anything like that. Just providing a different perspective.


@Mikos…Impressive!!! I see you have the same lighting system that I have except you have 2! Looking pretty good! You should do great your next grow!


No i like to know what people are telling me but if it helps its also in a spare room that is blacked out and the only light is the light i let in and i use a green led torch at night aswell i guess i shouldve explained that too. The room itself is pitch black no day light at all unless it is let in by me going into the room but then during the day its ok and the dark 6hrs is dark i also have a cctv inferred cctv camera i use aswell. So i try to limit having to go into the the actual closet unless it be to water or anything that is needed for the health and maintenance of the girls when they are started. You can tell me what your thoughts are ive been running my lights etc all day and i can keep nice steady temp day and night not to much of a difference night is 23 degrees celcius and 28.1 during the day its my humidity i cant get it above 42% so i will need to get myself a humidifier. But i will need one anyway for a hps in the tent. I am going to see what info on purple express auto i will find and see what is best for them and take it from there i will probably be starting the girls off TOMMOROW. Or the day after. @dbrn32 @M4ur @Nug-bug @bob31 @Shuggz @Kapelady


nice fam yr well in there mate good luck


@Shuggz thanks bro. Am running my lights and fans over the nxt few days before i start the girls off so i can get my temp and humidity as level or as perfect they need so i can i wont have to many mistakes if any this time its looking like i may need to buy a humidifier to raise humidity levels. But i will see what is best for these girls and i should be able to get them started soon. Yesterday my temprature stayed about 28.1 apart from the odd time it will increase but i had that sorted and so i had a steady temp 28.1. But today it is a bit higher but i havent touched a thing doing the exact same as yesterday but the temp is a steady 29.9 the highest temp ive had so far since adding the bigger fan etc is 30.4 which is still under 31 degrees celcius and it hasnt went lower than 23.4 celcius which is also ok however i would like to have a smaller gap than the 6degrees celcius or is this ok. What would you all do bare in mind i cant purchase anything until after xmas so its only quick fix until the new year when i am able to buy my tent and grow kit aswell as anything else. I am also starting a DIY Project in making my own LED light. @bob31 @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @Nug-bug @M4ur @Kapelady. So any views just hawler at me and give me your thoughts. An going through my notes from my last grow when i have realised that some of the data i have wont be any good since the space is Different more light and more headroom than before. So hope its bigger girls aswell time will tell.


You generally want a 10 degree fluctuation between night and day


How do u measure tht 10 degree is it celcius or is it t as tht makes a dfference aswell. I do however still have approximately 6 degree difference but thts all xx


10 degrees Fahrenheit (3 C), I think you need AC unit
It’s a little hard to have only 10 degrees fluctuation.


Yes sorry Fehrenheit
As long as you nights are a Lil cooler it’s all good


Well i have 6 degrees celcius so i am hoping tht will do. As its just going to have to do as my badluck struck again cant get my tent and hps light any time soon.


Well folks the day is here i am starting off the girls today. And i am using my tried and tested method so far av done many seeds this way and had 100%sucess rate so far. Anyway so. I have dropped 2 seeds into a glass of water at room temp for a maximum of 24hrs or until they sink which ever comes first. Then i put them into a plastic container with a air tight lid and into it i add a layer of cotton wool. And once the seeds are ready to be placed into the container i will then place another layer of cotton wool and then i shall add small amount of water from the same glass they were in and then place on the air tight lid and then i will place it into a warm dark place and i will check it every 6 to 12hrs as to be sure not to dry out. Once the taproot apears i will then be placing the two girls into 11l smart pots and that will be the only pot they go into unlike my first grow i mustve of transplanted the girls 3 or 4 times before finding out that autoflower dont like to be unsettled, no plant does but some handle it better than others and considering i have very little experience or knowledge wen it comes to growing anything. Anyways lets grow in peace my freinds and lets see how well i do this time round people. I will be doing weekly pics maybe daily not decided how much i will be documenting on this grow or shall i just play by ear lets see if i can get thru this with little or no issues this time since i know ph tds etc more this time thn before. So here we go @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @bob31 @Shuggz @M4ur @Nug-bug @Kapelady


Good, let the party begin! :joy:


I cant remember who was telling me tht canabis plants need atleast 8wks. Well i have found one tht supposedly flowers under 7wks so i am going to try them nxt plus the name is kl sweet xxlauto its a critical kush mix with some nice strains by the looks of it so nxt i will be going for midnight express and the sweet xxl auto but thts another journal lol but here is a pic of the sweet xxl for you all


Definitely you can’t harvest them in 7 weeks but maybe I’m wrong :joy:
When they say 7 you need to aspect to 9-11 :joy: :joy: :joy:


No al show you how wrong you are. Its a new strain thts been developed to flower under 7wks. @M4ur thats according to there website now i get what your sayong and i agree normally however this is a new strain as far as i am concerned. And it may well take longer however i posted this but i did post the wrong pic i wanted uploaded so 2nd time lucky. Am not saying ur wrong or tht anyone is wrong what i am saying is thanks to science according to some breeder not all strains need 8wks or more to flower now because they have devoloped this strain. This was the one i wanted to post aswell.
@M4ur @bob31