Second Grow Purple express


I’m whit @dbrn32 on stop feeding… The smoke will not be so good…


Only water to flush thts all i was giving them. As its to close to harvest.


By the end of flushing and near harvest what should the run off be down too. What is the best Ppm to be at for harvesting. @Nug-bug @M4ur @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @Donaldj @bob31 @Shuggz @Kapelady


I’ll let the other guys take this one.
I only got by the ff trio chart and just stop feeding (in my best judgment) two weeks before I take her.
Sorry I don’t have a ppm meter.
Just ph


Never monitored my runoff that way, sorry bud. I just take them when they’re ready regardless of what’s going on in soil.


And wat about things like nute burn etc how would you deal with it i have days left possibly a week. Am going to flush my other one tomz and i hope thats it and they wont need watered now either after there flushed i am good for 5days or more before they meet the executioner late nxt week or the start of the following depending the trichs.


I have an advantage being in hydro 1/2 my grows I can lower my ppm in a blink if wanted but I tend to just reduce nutrients as I get closer to harvest dropping to around 500ppm and doing final flush 48hrs before harvest. In soil less I simply quit feeding a couple weeks before harvest letting plants consume nutrients that remained until harvest


That’s exactly what i do
I stop feeding about two weeks before harvest and just ph water
i will also guve my laat watering 3-5 days before harvest


Thats what i will be doing one got its last flush today as she is all amber pistils and her trichs are getting better each day some amber thrichs showing but not much so in 5days she will be ready. The other will get flushed tomz morning having trouble getting ph down thou i just hope that all will be ok. Can you tell me do u do 48hrs darkness before you cut them down. @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971


I will do a 24 hr dark but nit 48
sometimes i just take them down


Can you tell me why only 24 and not 48hrs. What is the purpose and does it work. ?? @Countryboyjvd1971


Extended dark period will make her , make a final push of resin . I’m guessing to try to catch pollen.
I did it on my first harvest.
Can’t really give a solid scientific yes or no because I also split the stem. But it was more frosty. :money_mouth_face:


Well my friends i have managed to sort the ph in one of my girls the other will get another flush tomz and that will be the last as they are both ready well days away from it. The question i am now left to answer is do i split the stem aswell as 48hr of darkness or do i just do the darkness however i have also discovered one of my thermometers is faulty so that has caused some of my problem aswell. But my friends the other half has agreed to us now buying better equipment but i also need to think about other aspects aswell since its illegal in this country to grow etc spending crazy amounts on lights etc with a risk to losing them aswell as our meds so i think i will be looking for decent lights no bigger than 600w LED as i will buy a kit that has a hps light tent the whole set up. Anyway back to this grow. Well nearing the end of the grow and comming to harvest and the trichs are looking good aswell 4/5 days i reacon. So do i do the darkness after they are ready or do i do it kind of the tail end. One more thing does anyone have a step by step guide or a video of how to split the stem? @Donaldj @M4ur @bob31 @Nug-bug @Shuggz @dbrn32 @Kapelady . Am wary of splitting the stem as i dont want to mess it up or spoil the crop by a mistake especially since i dont know what i am doing. I am growing more confident as each day goes by and the more i grow the better i get at understanding. Thanks to all you people for all your help support and guidance so thank you very much.


I’ve never split a stem, can’t help you there sorry. Glad everything is going well, let me know when you get ready to purchase lights.


This is how I do it in the past! But you need to do just one split… So don’t ask me about why I do it twice :joy:


How tight do the cable ties go tho am guess tight but not tight it damages the surface etc.


Tight enough to prevent stem splitting al the way down or up… But the plant still need to get water from the pot so…not so tight :+1::joy:


Why does alot of people use hydrgen peroxide when germinating. I have heard so many different reasons some are logical some seem different what is the benefits if any does it make. Anyone


@dbrn32 i have been looking at some new stuff equipments lights etc tents and a full kit might get 2x 1.2mx1.2mx2m so i can do it once a year and then chill. Was thinking one for veg one for flower. Anyway what do you say about or should say have u heard or seen this brand or kind

I havent seen or heard about this but it is new out from what i gather.


Hadn’t seen it before either.

It says power draw is 200 Watts and is ideal for flowering a 2x2 or vegging a 3x3. Which sounds pretty accurate for what it is. Light spectrum looks good too. They’re a little small for a 5x5 though, you would probably need 4 of them to flower out that space well. They are listed in us for $100, doesn’t seem bad at all for what it is. Has 5 star rating here too, so that’s usually a good thing.