Second Grow Purple express


Ya flush it, but if you run enough water through it you probably don’t have to go that low. Maybe start at 6.0 and check runoff about halfway through.


@dbrn32 has given goid advice i would not go much lower than 6 myself in soil


@Mikos, unfortunately bad things can happen quickly! Responding quickly lessens any damage! Glad you took the advice and found out the problem…looking forward to seeing pics once the problem has been eradicated!


This is my other girl today so now its her turn to be flushed aswell today so hopefully it helps as i have 2 to 4wks left depending on my thrichs

Whats the verdict then friends i was struggling to get my other girl under ph 7.0 but got her to 6.8 and left it there until next lot of flush but al give her time to recover a bit first al do her sister today and her tomz or the nxt day. ? @Donaldj @garrigan65 @M4ur @dbrn32 @bob31 @Shuggz @Kapelady



Looks to me you have a case of " White Powdwer Midew " going on there my friend.

Here is a pic I have of white powder mildew. They look the same.


Any experienced cannabis grower has likely encountered one of the most common fungal diseases for plants – Powdery Mildew (PM).

Powdery mildew is a white, powder-like fungal disease that reproduces on the leaves of many different kinds of plant species. Thriving in high-humidity environments and moderate temperatures, PM can severely stunt your plant’s growth and yields by blocking your leaves ability to absorb sunlight and convert it to energy, a.k.a. photosynthesis.

Some facts about powdery mildew…
•Powdery mildew reproduces sexually and asexually. It is a fast-growing fungi that is spread by spores. These spores most commonly infect susceptible plants via airborne transmission.
•PM will quickly move throughout your plant, smothering it in white mildew – many instances in just a few days time. Left untreated, powdery mildew will effectively ruin your weed harvest.
•This fungi can be spread through the wind, hitch-hike on your clothes or pets, and come through air-ventilation systems. Wooly aphids are also a known common transmitter of this infection.
•Common plant hosts are cabbages, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans – even trees such as apple, pear and Japanese maple trees can carry PM. Make sure to eliminate ALL of your local powdery mildew, not just selectively your cannabis plants.
•Powdery mildew will literally suck the life out of your marijuana – once identified you must take action ASAP. As PM takes over, you will see your whole plant yellowing and falling into slow, stunted growth.
•If you grow indoors, be sure to clean all your grow room with a bleach-water solution, making sure to cover all surfaces and areas the fungi may be able to reside.
•Getting rid of powdery mildew is not for the faint of heart. It is an arduous battle, often tending to go away for a few days to a few weeks, only to reappear later.

Those who have experienced massive outbreaks of powdery mildew outdoors or indoors will be the first to tell you – PM takes some real wizardry to cure.

There are many known remedies for powdery mildew available at-home and commercially. While bringing back a matured plant can be close to impossible if you want safe smoke, kicking the mildew out of younger plants can be done quite effectively.

Sunlight can be a lifesaver – if you have potted plants outside, ‘follow the sun’ with them. Make sure plants are in full sun for as many hours as possible, and also make sure the sun is not missing any sides of your marijuana, if possible. Hot sunny days combined with multiple foliar sprayings can be the KO punch to powdery mildew you need.

Stay away from sulfur and copper remedies, unless your plants are very young. Although these often work, they are toxic and not fit for smoking purposes. Once upon a time, a budding Blueberry Hash plant was sprayed down with a sulfur spray – it sure did get rid of the powdery mildew. A white sulfur residue was left behind that was impossible to remove, even after rinsing. Harvested, the resulting buds were completely unsmokeable – marijuana smelled and tasted precisely as if lighting a match – Fail.

A somewhat effective solution to PM is baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Be wary though, case studies have shown baking soda to be only mildly successful. It requires quite a bit of baking soda to really get a good punch at powdery mildew, only seeming to knock out mildew growth for a short period of time. After a few days the powdery mildew usually sets back in – unless the mildew outbreak was minuscule, or the growing environment has been adjusted.

While foliar treating plants, make sure you cover up your topsoil. Although these remedies are ‘organic’, they still can be harmful to your soil’s microbiology. Simply cut pieces of slick cardboard to fit snug against the main stalk weed plants, effectively covering the topsoil and protecting from any dripping foliar spray.

Using a wetting agent, or spreader-sticker helps the spray stay on the foliage longer. There are many suitable kinds on the market, be sure to use one if possible. You can substitute 2 – 4 drops of Dr. Bronners soap per quart of spray soution as a spreader-sticker. Keep it out of your soil and don’t over do it, it’s easy to burn your plants up using this; 2 – 4 drops per quart is plenty.

Organic Remedies

Potassium Bicarbonate

potassiumPotassium bicarbonate is the preferred alternative to sodium bicarbonate. In a study performed on gooseberries, an initial outbreak of over 90% infection rate throughout plants was reduced to approximately 10% affected plants due frequent foliar spraying of potassium bicarbonate – read the study here.

Well-known cannabis grower/activist Ed Rothenthol prefers to mix an ounce of sodium bicarbonate in a gallon of water together with 1.5 cups of milk.

Milk, has also been proven to help remedy powdery mildew – but beware, do not spray budding plants with milk, as the proteins will create an easy environment for blue/black mold or botrytis to grow. Furthermore, potassium bicarbonate is beneficial in fighting other mildews, rusts, and molds.

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Onyx Spider Mite and Powdery Mildew Killer

onyxxSpecifically designed for cannabis growers, ‘Onyx Killer’ contains a malady of different oils including neem oil, hemp oil, coconut oil and a few others designed to cure plants rid with powdery mildew, mites, or both. It has been proven to work effectively in the outdoor marijuana garden, as experienced personally by growers.

An elephantine South African sativa presented herself gargantuanly gorgeous, except for the unfortunate infection that swept over her quick. Always skeptical, who would think ‘Onyx Killer’ was going be that great, kind-of looking to like a ‘snake oil’ product – is even stated as “Can Use Through Harvest!”.

To much surprise, Onyx Killer effectively wiped out nearly all of the powdery mildew on that jumbo sativa, with the harvested flowers clean while reeking like a skunk.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

The uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) are enough to write a book about. Many of us know people who drink, brush their teeth and bathe with the stuff. Relating to powdery mildew, the acetic acid contained in vinegar will help rid your plants of the infection. Spray two to three times a week for maximum effectiveness, making sure to cover the leaves fully.

It should be noted however, that although apple cider vinegar is strong enough to stop most moderate-level PM infections apple cider vinegar is not effective in eliminating a well-developed outbreak of powdery mildew.

Mix 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar into a quart of water – be careful not to overdo it, high concentrations of vinegar can burn plants.

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Actinovate (Streptomyces lydicus)

activStreptomyces lydicus (SL) is an organic microorganism that establishes itself on plants’ roots, stems and leaves. Once established the microorganism combats many diseases, blights and mildews (including powdery mildew, of course).

Beneficial for a wide range of plant species – from ganja, vegetable gardens, trees and lawns. Streptomyces lydicus is water soluble and can be applied with a foliar spray or root drench, helping with many possible problems in a plants’ life. Actinovate is stated as “SAFE for people, pets and the environment”.

Top growers in the field had tremendous results with microorganisms, being fond of Dipel bacillus thuringiensis (BT) for pests and Actinovate (SL) for plant diseases and mildews. Not widely known in throughout the general population – get your hands on this secret wonder-product!

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Neem Oil

neemoilNeem oil, produced from the seeds of the Indian neem tree, is a well known wonder product for plants. Naturally fungicidal, weekly application of neem oil will take care of most powdery mildew problems.

Professionals have had better results controlling powdery mildew with neem oil compared to baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in controlled side-by-side studies. While normal doses won’t completely eradicate powdery mildew from mature infected plants, regular spraying will clean off the mildew, keeping it at bay. If neem oil is sprayed before plants have powdery mildew, you may rest assured they will not be easily infected with PM.

Being an organic insecticide and miticide as well, most gardeners should already have neem oil on hand. Some people complain about the smell, while others find it enjoyable, akin to a pine sol freshness.

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Green Cure

greencureOne of the most popular products of today’s generation, Green Cure is an effective potassium bicarbonate based product. Reputed to have performed as well or better than chemical fungicides in over 200 university studies.

Green Cure dehydrates mold and mildew spores instantly, critically damaging the life-force of the infection. For best results apply during a hot sunny day, and let your plants soak up the sun as the powdery mildew disappears.

Green Cure posseses the power to rejuvenate plants immersed in heavy powdery mildew infection. Proven to cure a large range of mildews and diseases, Green Cure is a safe and effective solution to your powdery mildew problems.

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Most remedies require more than one application to really be effective. Remember any moisture will likely wash the foliar spray off, even morning dew on plants can remove the coating off the leaves. Best time to spray is before noon on a dry, sunny day.

When trying to gain control over powdery mildew on cannabis, try to get your plants in a open, breathable spot. Fungi love closed humidity.

Good luck with the PM battle!


Thank @garrigan65 i have apple cider and bi carb at hand just now its very late here so cant get hold anything else but i will try amazon so close yet so far now i may just haveq lost my crop this wont go down well with the other half who really depends on this. I really could be doing with it be something with less trouble. But needs must and i will hopefully be able to report back good news. Please feel free to add anything that i may be able to do now to my girls so i can save some. I trimmed a few the fan leaves off as i flushed them to find out this now i worried tht its far beyond my grasp to save now tht i think about it. Just not fair shouldve guess am not lucky with anything i do.


@garrigan65 i cant seem to find green cure there is a canna cure but thts all i have found neem oil though so i will order tht and spray them as soon as it arrives. Which says the 8th so i will use bi carb of soda or cider vinerger or both maybe help keep if at bay until neem oil gets here. What else should i do to help save my crop can you list it for me plz. Do i scrub my grow room or tent or what.???


@garrigan65 i just looked again and what i see isnt any powdery or tht it looks more like brown spots and thy feel like crispy in a way how sure are you about this because i have 5days or 1wk till they get the chop so i really dont want to make it worse as i can cut they down now if i wanted thy are that close to being ready. Please help @Donaldj @Hogmaster @Shuggz @Kapelady @dbrn32 @M4ur . @marsman54 i saw a post that you commented on powder mildue can you pop up when you get on here my friend i woild like to ask you some questions if thats ok.


@Donaldj @garrigan65 @marsman54 are you available to chat i need help in how to make up a spray or watever bi carb or cider viniger . Plz can someone pop up and talk me through it step by step i have 5 days or just over 5days left and they would be ready so you can imagine how stressed and worked up i am plus there isnt any powder mildue on my leaves it looks more like they are burnt brown spots. Infact i can post alot better pics of the leaves than i have but i am worried tht it may affect the buds am considering cutting them down early as thy are nearly done anyway. X here are some more pics i want to be 110% right before i treat them for anything especially this close to harvest 55days is spot on give or take a couple days either side

Anyone help or advice on dealing with this.


That looks like a calmag deficiency, have you been supplementing any calmag? How long til you plan to harvest?


Actually looks like nute burn if you figure you are week or so off straight ph’d water from now on


Thanks @Donaldj I was looking at his pic’s and was thinking of the same thing and then saw your post… Nut Burn. With a week to go I to agree water only .



I think i did tht the last time but i follwed my chart but forgot to compensate for the autoflower aswell.


I have 4 to 7days left depending on the tricomes and are doing great on the both its just the leaves but i flushed them good but one is looking like i have to do another round of flushing them both tomz and also thinking about drilling the stems what do you all think. @Donaldj @dbrn32 @M4ur @garrigan65 @Shuggz. ???


I always split the stem before harvest (3-6 days before harvest) so I don’t know the difference between splitting or not :joy:
Also people put the plants in dark for 24-48h before the harvest.


Why put them in darkness @M4ur i heard that before but didnt know why. ? As you probably seen or guess i like to ask questions even question as i love growing and get frustrated easily when it goes wrong because i dont know the stuff i need to so i can get better. Thanks to people like yourself i am getting there but i think some folk might get a bit annoyed with me asking stuff every sec.


Me to :joy:… Sometimes.
But I don’t forget that I was like you and people help me a LOT! I always surf the internet and watch many videos on YouTube about everything related to mj.
I don’t really know about darck period before harvest but I guess this stress the plant and she knows it is time to finish… :joy:… Just my thoughts :+1:


Cheers i will try that this time and al think about stem splitting the stem. Just have to wait and see.


I wouldn’t feed if you’re a week or less out from harvest.


I wasnt going to just the flush i did on one seemed to work but the other i think needs another flush as it seems to be spreading but only time will tell if theres a huge issue but the rate these girls change then i will know by tomz. Am just glad i didnt treat them for PM with bi carb or apple cider vinegar or neem oil. But what can i do or is the flush enough since i am about a week from harvest.