Second Grow Purple express


Thats what i was hoping it to be as my run off is a bit higher comming ph is perfect but i was panicing as my tds/ppm was a bit high comming out so i thought i had a problem as am on week 9 and if these autos keep going the way they are then i have approximately 2wks maybe more but no less. However i am hoping for a good yeild but only time will tell. I fed them alot of nutes today and it maybe there last feed i will see how they go over the weekend i have also removed the home made co2 as its more hassle and i cant see any if at all any difference. So next grow i will buy these co2 bags and see if thts any better. Because am only doing 2 at a time i need a decent yeild if it has to last me however doing it with autos i guess is only good if i had or was doing it in a larger scale like a whole room or warehouse. But i now feel confident that i can grow a normal regular or feminized seeds. So i will be doing that on my next grow once i figure out which strain to go for.


I like my co2 home made and I’m not the only one I like it :wink: - yeast, sugar, water and a little baking soda(when you don’t see any bubbles came up in the bottle you need to change it whit new mix)


What is your recipe for co2 av never heard of bi carb of soda so am intrested to know more. Why the bi carb @M4ur thank


I don’t know exactly… I saw a video on YouTube - a guy makes co2 for his fish tank and added just a little bit of backing soda.
I tried whitout in the past but the mix was not lasting to much, now it’s last more whit at least 5 days! Remember, just a tip of a knife (around 0.1- 0.2g)
PS. 2 litter bottle for 2x2x5 space


THANKS @M4ur think i will try tht in a couple days and see if there is a difference thank you.


Wow my girls are doing great and they smell amazing aswell

The first pic is both girls. They arent massive but they are decent size i think for what equipment i have and LED’s i have aswell just cheap no fancy brand. (But i will be investing on a better light before i grow again and a couple of 5 inch fans extractor etc and a tent 1.2x1.2x2m is what i am going for. Now here are my other girl as you can see she is looking fab and getting fat too.

Aren’t they doing just fine they seem to be doing better since i removed the co2 i made as i couldnt see a difference. Next grow i will buy in co2 in a bag and different nutrients to try out. So any ideas or advice on nutrients you think i should try let me know. Also i am in the UK So some nutrients i cant get. @Shuggz @Donaldj @bob31 @dbrn32 @M4ur @Kapelady @Countryboyjvd1971 thanks fam dont know what i would do without you guys and girls support.


Nice job! They look beautiful. You let us know how they smoke won’t you?:+1::wink::deciduous_tree:


I just get the biobizz line, organic food for my plants :+1:… But I just started to used so I don’t have a feedback for now




I use them thts what i use atm but am going to try something different this time. Biobizz is done me ok but i want to try other brand to see if thy are any better.


I also used bloombastic… Organic PK booster… And it was amazing… Give it a search on Google


Who makes it i will try looking it up. Can i buy it in the uk thou. ??


Can you tell me @M4ur what type of outcome you got my friend or do you have a thread i can see that you used it on. Amazon does a full pack of the stuff at a good price . I am leaning towards ph perfect or foxfarm but thy are a bit pricey for the stuff i want but it will last me a few grows. Any info advice even recomendations on nutrients you think i should tr . I have approximately a couple weeks left till my girls meet the hangman as long as the trichs are ready but thy are looking good and seem to be nearly there and thts getting near the 55days the breeder says thy can be harvested. Am glad i keep notes incase i need to duplicate my methods but its not always a good idea but i have no choice accident causes short term memory loss.


How quick something can happen just look. Need help @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Shuggz @dbrn32 @Donaldj @M4ur @Nug-bug @Kapelady


That bloombastic is made by Atami Nutrients… I only used the terra max and bloombastic from them… That bloombastic was amazing, it produced hard rock buds :wink:.
I will tag you in my last journal…


Are you using any calmag? Check ph in vs ph out?


I have been doing it in but not always the run off what am i looking for with my run off my friend i was going to flush her with 3 galons or there about. Then see what comes out. Am thinking i maybe over did it by Adding a couple of things tht i dont normally do. Molasses and something i only saw its to go into plain water. I was staring the flush this week any way as its wk 10 as of thursday so a couple days earlier might just help me i also noticed the girl tht has the issues is the one in plain bio bizz light mix soil so am thinking its the soil tht may be my issue as the other is in a mix of bio nova and bio bizz light mix with extra perlite throu it and the other was straight out the bag and into the smart pot and to answer your question not cal mag am using magne cal plus. i was told that is the same thing or does the same.


Good advice @dbrn32


I would be more concerned with getting them the proper elements than the name on the bottle, definitely. I asked about it because by appearance and where you’re at in grow it would make sense that they’re a little deficient on cal/mag. If you’ve been supplementing enough I wouldn’t sweat it.

I don’t see adding a little molasses causing any issues like that personally. If you’ve been adding cal/mag, perhaps just an issue with uptake. I’d get a look at ph before and after flush. If you’re going to flush, I would go with a standard 3 times pot volume for amount of water to flush with. If you’re that close to harvest it’s probably best not go chasing an issue with nutes.


Anyway got the problem ph is 7.2 so its high if i put in 5.8 that should bring my ph down enough @Donaldj @bob31 @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 or any other ideas am in the prcess of flushing her now so lwt me know what you guys think i should do