Second Grow Purple express


wat the strain again too much heat can do that wid leaf curling the purple could be down to strain


Purple Express. And its only the one girl av moved her swaped places etc and av asked everyone and tried everything but nothing its one of they unexplainable things unless the one thing i cant do anything about is the soil sbe is in one is in a mix and one is in bio bizz light mix and other is mixed with bio nova. So am left with tht its the soil and i used bio nova before so am wondering if its that cant rember which girls is in the mix if she isnt then its the soil but its ph is 6.2 bio nova am unsure of. But bio nova was good the last grow. I tried a different soil this grow to see if its any goid since i use the same nutes but i am changing them aswell the nxt grow am going to try something different. Few starter packs on line that are perfect for me and should last upto 4 to 8 plants depending on what i go for and its good value for money for me bruv.


that why its purple look at the name that good so the leaf curl could be heat that happen to one of mines go see my foto i pyt ring round it its only fan leaf the rest looks ok


See thts the opposite of mine all fan leaves are good its all the ones that have colour or near colour all the ones near and around the buds bruv. Its a head scratcher.


That could just be something like a little over/under watering, compaction in soil, or maybe even root bound a little.


give it water again if u do only 1 time and see wat happen start ruling thing out like that ok then take frm there ok


I was going to give them some rainwater then molassess then rain water thn should be close to finish by thn. But i think i will give a couple rainwater and see what happens. Got about 2 to 4wks left according to breeder i have around 15days left but i will keep my eye on the trichs but if the last grow is anything to go by then it will be close to 15days give or take a week more. So will probably do another feed then just give them water till they finish??? @Shuggz @dbrn32


Who can tell me if i have 12l of rainwater thats had wat looks like moss or something similar dropped into it by the birds am guessing or some animal. Will it be ok to feed my girls with or should i not risk it @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug @Shuggz @bob31 @dbrn32 @M4ur or anyone know if it will be good or bad for my girls. Plz let me know. I was going to use this for my flush as i reach the end of my grow as i believe that its much better for plants but getting the supply i would need isnt possible at this time but maybe in the future i will acquire a large barrels or drum to collect and save it in. Anyway any help is appreciated .


Moss shouldn’t cause any issue
Did you remove it ?


I ageee, wouldn’t think moss is s big deal. Animal droppings may be a bigger deal though.

If you’re only 2 weeks out pulling nutes is fine. But if you’re more like 4 weeks you’ll want to continue to feed. I usually lean towards the side of feeding unless I think it could be done within a week. But I also continue to feed later than most.


It’s a no no, just my opinion. You don’t know what is that “nutrients” :joy: so you risk to much… You are close to finish, why risk it?


Dont get what you are meaning @M4ur


Yeah i did that was all thats in it nothing else has been there to get to it. So i can use if i want or is it a gamble as am not risking it. All is fine so i dont know what to do i want to boost size and potency if possible so all help and advice you can give me is greatly appreciated.


You should be fine as long as nothing else is in water
Youll nesd to be the judge of that
I keep a screen over my rain barrels to keep stuff out


You don’t know how hot or what is in that stuff…or maybe I don’t understand what you mean :joy:
I personally buy water for my plants!


Thanks guys i think i will leave it just incase therez something i it but i will get a screen or something like tht thanks.


Got a question for anyone who can tell me what or how big is the difference in day to night time temps and how big is your differences in temps. I use celcius and alot of you guys and girls use Fahrenheit but if you can tell me what u guys are getting i can figure out if i have an issue there as my temps are up and down atm and am not knowing why. So i want to see how big a fluctuation everyone has on average. Plz.


@Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Shuggz @dbrn32 @M4ur @Kapelady can one of you explain to me or help me understand how TDS ppm actually works i mean the concept can or has anyone got a link or just explain it i layman terms as i dont quite get how run off etc should be stuff like that i understand ph and that it has to be 6.5 for soil and 5.8 for soiless or hydroponics i dont understand how it works or what runoff should be etc. Should it be lower or higher etc when you check your run off. Its alk this stuff i get lost in and have trouble understanding. After its explained to me or read it in a way i understand. I have dyslexia & OCD aswell.


So ppm is the amount of minerals/nutrients in your water /soil whatever
In regards to run off
If your feeding at 800ppm and run off is 1200 then this tells you you have enough nutrients in soil and no need to feed vice versus if your feeding st 800 and ppm are at 400 your not feeding Enough
You want to try and keep a consistent ppm in soil for given stage of plants growth
When you use a nutrient line in the feeding schedule they a have a ppm in given weeks feeding. schedule this is the recommended base reading
You can adjust that higher or lower depending on needs and the crops grown


Can’t explain it better than that!