Second Grow Purple express


They arent good pictures but i was hoping to capture the ambers pistils not lots but they are turning amber none the less. And i was looking at the trichs too and thy all looked well nearly all was milky few still clear but the fact tht so many trichs are milky anyway kind of shocked me hence the pics i took but thy were too pink to have a good look and the other pics arent any better. The fact that they are autoflower is why thy are starting certain things at the same time or ever first before pistils turn since the trichs have been there for ages and just starting to go amber .


@Mikos how about pics under white or natural light. Let’s have another look. How many weeks since first pistils?

I grow autos here as well but I do grow the photos too


Approx 19days into flower and day 38 from seed and they have started going amber already. Supposedly from seed 55days but as you taught me dont always take tht for granted since plants over all need a certain length of time to veg correctly but most importantly flower/bloom takes a certain length of time aswell however i think because of all the advances etc with science and genetics and tampering with the plants genetics to give us bigger faster more potent strains etc. And the last grow 73 days from seed tht was from the 65days the breeder says but i went by my plants as you suggested so much great advice @bob31 so thank you very much. And now i cant stop it i love doing this i know what i am getting and i only grow for myself and partner to help with health issues physical and mental but i am also doin a little project of my own with a spacebucket selfwatering with its own camera inside to keep track of the grow so it limits how often i need to open the lid up etc so i have been collect parts and ordering bits and bobs for my nxt grow i am considering starting asap but not too sure yet as alot is going on atm and am not in a country were growing or using is legal but i rather use mj than all the pills off the doctors.


I would say that you need to inspect the trics on the buds, not the sugar leaves . The trics on the sugar leave progress faster that the bud, wouldn’t want you to short change yourself


Thanks for the advice i have been doing tht aswell as the rest just so i can see how big a difference there is next grow i think i am going to try a different breeder or from here as i like to buy from a shop so i can see were they are kept and a large selection to pick fromand i dont have to wait for them. So anyway i will be giving them a good going over later on and get pics etc and then see were we are.


There as i said i would post some better pics

What do you think @bob31 @dbrn32 @Nug-bug @M4ur @garrigan65 @Donaldj @Shuggz @Kapelady


In the last pictures I see only sadness… Try to identify what it’s going on… Curling leaves, red stems… Just a thought… Sorry
Just not try to rush nature… I know you want them to finish faster but…


lol,you can’t rush nature,just help it along…


Exactly… You can help but you can’t rush it :joy::wink:


Looks like some nice color in them!


I was looking for some more trichome pics @M4ur


The ladies are looking great (for colors) but not happy… Just look at the last pictures …
Maybe I’m wrong… Sorry for that


@Mikos…absolutely stunning!


I want them ready yes but only in there time.


I couldnt get my little thing working tht i get my close up pics of the thrics but i will get thm done @bob31.


hey bro how u


Am ok bruv thanks alot better and walking all on my own again so am chuffed at that bro wat about u hws u.


good fam bro did u see my reply bak and wat u think


No your right about the last pic my friend she has looked like that since flower but cant work out why everything is fine ph is good TDS is fine lights etc you name ive tried it but irs only the leave that are around or close or even turning phrple apart from that all the fan leaves are fine and green its something nobody knows about or cant answer why am thinking its just a weird thing of nature. But i will keep her separted all the way till it all ready and just have to wait and see. @M4ur


Yeah bruv i did thanks