Second Grow Purple express


I actually use the
Blumat drip irrigation system
Mostly for when im traveling I perfer hand watering
But they work well once dialed in

Hers a link for you so you can do some research

There alot of different types


Sorry I know nothing of watering systems, need to come up with one myself


Nug check out the blumat im thinking of installing the one i have in my green house this spring since i need to bring water bacj and forth not water next to it or electric hose in not a option either since its 1-1/2 acres away frim house
Will definitely need to step up res tho im thinking 55 gal and keep 5 gal bucket fir indoor c
Anyway the work good bro
Oh and no moving parts to break


Your question will also help me😂


Good i like to help and i like to learn.


Can anyone tell me what smell that i should be looking to smell wen homemade co2 has turned. I smell a smell like cider is tht meaning its fermented or wat as i am unsure at wat it smells like from start to finish.??? @dbrn32 @Donaldj @bob31 @Buds007 @garrigan65 @AmnesiaHaze @Shuggz @Kapelady @Nug-bug @M4ur


I don’t understand much but I also use a home made co2 bottle (sugar, yeast, water and a small amount of baking soda). It smells like yeast!
I know when it’s “finish”, when I see no bubbles :joy:


Yeah and u give it a shake and activate it again. But i was told tht it changes to alcohol wen its done thts what i meant wat does tht smell like cause i made a new reactor and thts working great but the other one i have doesnt smell the same infact it reminds me of a cheap cider ??


Here what are your thoughts on these pics today then al tell you why am asking.

This is fascinating am on day 37 from seed. These babies are fast.


I don’t use them, but I would guess a vinegar like smell means the yeast are done for.


Thanks. @dbrn32 i just never been one for science at skool so didnt know tht yeast and sugar even made co2 or alcohol but thats another story lol.


I was really big into paintball when I was younger and had probably a dozen 20oz co2 bottles laying around. After paying to get them all hydro tested and recertified, and then piecing together a solenoid operated release mechanism, it did absolutely nothing for my grow.

You need to have a butt load of light or a restriction on fresh air before it will make a difference that you can see. And then you also need the restrict your exhaust so you don’t evacuate the co2 right away. Just where I’m at with it anyway. Other than a potential mess and taking up some of your time and money it doesn’t really hurt anything. So if you want to use it that’s perfectly fine.


Thanks @dbrn32 i have my own co2 homemade reactor and my girls love it but my worry is that once it stops producing co2 because it needs to get changed and fresh stuff added in. But what i want to know is after it stops producing co2 and has turned to alcohol will or can it damage my girls .


Not sure bud


Thanks thou can you have a look at the pics here and tell me what you think @bob31 @Donaldj @Shuggz @dbrn32 @Nug-bug @M4ur and the earlier pics aswell am unsure but it looks like they are not far off being ready or am i not seeing what i think i see.

These are the best i can get just now however i will try and get some better ones with bright white light to take better detailed pics. Thanks


You need to switch off the light before you take a picture for inspection :wink::+1:


I will do tht later my friend can u see anything just now though.


@Mikos all I can see are pink trichomes.


This is all i managed to get just now without my flash i cant get a better pic and i dont think i managed to see or show what i want to do but tomz i will be doing a couple of natural light pics.


@Mikos I can see all I need to see. The pistils are still very white. No need to look at trichomes until those are 75% brownish.