Second Grow Purple express


Thats the answer ive been looking for thanks. Yes there are alot of conflicting stories but i know some ppl i tlk to use it but ive just did wat was thinking and worse happens i will just have to flush and hope thy recover ok but we will see. Thank you thou anyway. Al be starting my own wee projects soon one is a selfwatering spacebucket and the other is DIY grow light.


It’s probably not as conflicting as it seems. It’s just different scenarios. I use earth juice nutes, the catalyst is molasses and kelp based. So by already using that I stand to gain very little by adding straight molasses. Same thing with people who use an bud candy, it’s molasses based as welll. Adding more molasses could definitely cause more harm than good. But if you’re using very little of each it probably wouldn’t cause any problems at all. Or if you’re using an enzyme to breakdown root matter and turn it to a carb load, you probably stand to gain very little from adding molasses. But someone who’s using none of the above may see really good results by adding molasses to their regimen.


Thanks i am still learning and as i may understand alot and yet i only know the basics and always a bit reluctant to try something different purely cause i grow so little because of circumstances i am always wanting to increase yeild with as little effort or cash being used but i will always try to do better each time i grow no matter what. Hopefully this yeild should be better but also a little more even than the last since i havent had any major problems or any as of yet however i dont want one now since am two weeks into flower so now is defo not the time to have any major issue show its horrid head. @dbrn32


@Mikos…they have that? Bud of the month…did not know!


@Mikos @Kapelady

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Day 35 from seed my friends and girls are looking fab. And day 16 of flower now it takes 8wks normaly or there abouts for flowering buds to be near ready in reg or even feminized seeds but these autoflowers i am growing seem to defy all normal growing expectations but still fun none the less but does make growing a lot easier and quckier for the final results. Anyway rant over this morning. I hope tht this is as fast as the breeder says. Cause already i cant wait to try this strain and looking forward to it finishing. 55days it has told me from seed now tht is very short but until 55days is near then who is to say thy will be ready. I will also be going by the girls and if thy say thy ready thn only then will they face the chop and not until.


Yes thy have bud of the month but only for ilgm seeds. @Kapelady and am unlucky as i didnt get these seeds from ilgm however i am thinking of ordering some so i can enter. But only time will tell.


Wow those look outstanding I love it


Thank you @Hogmaster .


Has anyone got any pictures of an autoflowers 3wks from finishing and regular 3wks from finishing on a 300w led setup or does anyone know were i can locate some detailed photos. ???


Some bud porn folks. Now these are becoming some beautiful girls with two totaly different girls same strain but totaly different looks. Think one has more dominate of one parent and the other one of the other parent as they have different looking leaves etc. As you all will see in my latest pics.

Now this one was taken the day before as i can only find this one. As u see big difference yet thy are bot under same lights as eachother same height you name it however there are 2 differences one is soils are different one is a mix of bio nova and bio bizz light mix and the one you see here is just bio bizz only and the 2nd was and i only just notice this and one of the led is at a slight angle.

Now can any of what i said there be the cause of the different leaves around the buds because the other leaves are fine nothing at all even one at same height or above or below its only the pure leaves doing it or ones turning purple yet other girls isnt doing it. But both are healthy. And yes they are the same strain or so the packet containing the sealed tube they come in and thats what the shop said thy are. Anyway any ideas or thoughts on this. Both girls are healthy ph and tds is good. Lights are at right distance. Or is it what i said about parents etc.??? @garrigan65 @Donaldj @bob31 @Hogmaster @dbrn32 @Shuggz @Nug-bug @M4ur @Kapelady @MattyBear. Also if any of you great people know any tips or tricks to help with increasing my frostyness and even help add some extra yeild near finishing. I get there is no magic way to do it but any hints or tips would be of great use to me. Please dont hesitate to tell me even if its the smallest thing everything help. Thanks very much dont know wat i would do without all you guys help and support on growing our medication.


Maybe position of one in light to the other one?


You don’t have to buy ilgm seeds to vote!


@Mikos…I only order seeds from ILGM!


@Mikos…Yes I see the curling leaves around the bud…but no where else on the plant…very interesting…I don’t think I’ve seen this before…Maybe an expert can answer this question!


I have been looking at videos online different pics and nothing like this when your plant is as healthy thats for sure. On another matter more a security one would you say go with your gut or play it safe.


Got a question anyone. Had a issue with heat last night and lowest temp recorded was as low as 16 celcius so was pretty low for me has been the first issue but got to admit i been a bit lazy last couple wks with not being well. So it may of happened at other times but i will be checking more now question is do anyone think it may of had a lasting problem or have i just been lucky and its ok to be at tht temp for the short period and may well be the only time its happened. ???


@Mikos I don’t think so. My flowering girl dips to 12-13c every so often and she’s fine :sunglasses:


Thanks my friend.


Well my friends is there anyone that can help explain how to use a irrigation set up or some sort of drip feeding system. I would like to try that next time round with my littlie project that i will be starting to do once i get the final parts i have most of the stuff i need but i am waiting and thers one delivery i am waiting on lol anyway i want to do a self watering space bucket but unsure wat way i want to go. I like soil not sure about hydroponics so thinking some type slow feeding system as i have read and saw videos were drip feeding helps increase what the plant can take in and since its small amounts throughout the day it has had some fantastic posative results. So would like any help even links or articals would be great. @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Donaldj @Nug-bug @Shuggz @M4ur @AmnesiaHaze @dbrn32 @Kapelady @MattyBear