Second Grow Purple express


Something that i would like to know when if all do they start letting of there scent or odor which ever. Or do all strains even smell of anything. ??? Anyone got answers on this head scratcher. As i have heard that there are strains tht dont smell much or at all ???


You should start noticing them smell here pretty quickly. Sometimes it takes a light brushing of the plant depending on environment.



Could it be that we are looking at Bud Of The Month
I think so



What you mean by light brushing of the plant. Can you explain that for me please.


Sure, like you know how you would maybe reach to the back of your grow and your arm would brush against some leaves and gently stir the plant? Or if you were training and Kind of lightly pulling on the branches?

All I meant by that is you generally get a decent whiff of their scent when they’re disturbed a little. But I didn’t want you going into your tent and shaking your ladies either lol.


@Mikos…really nice pics…great looking plants…I think you have something amazing here! Can’t wait to find out the dry weight when they are ready! It may be something that I might get the next time I order seeds!


Wow today i come in and guys look my other girl is turning purple too and its just beautiful even the lower buds you can now see the process the leaves go throu and it is as if the lights are to low and are causing them to claw but if you see tht it cant be as not all leaves are doing it and some are nxt to ones tht are some are higher or lower so i have reached the conclusion that its a process that can mimic heat stress over watering etc that this strain goes through as it changes from green to purple and its beautiful. Check out these pics today.

Well fam what you all think. Do you all see what i see or am i kidding myself. @bob31 @Donaldj @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @Shuggz @Kapelady


Thats one of my girls the one that is turning purple well as you can see she is doing a nice job. And now here is my other girl looking just grand.

Whats the verdict fam.
@Donaldj @dbrn32 @Shuggz @bob31 @Nug-bug @M4ur @garrigan65 @Kapelady


Beautiful buds! Love the color


Thank you.


beautiful @Mikos


You got her going know my friend they look great. Great job my friend



@Mikos…great plants and nice flowers!


Thank you so very much o you all.


I personally love them :+1:, remind me the age of them(from sprout), I love the colors and how the buds are growing


Well i think i have got a handy peace of kit that i have found to be very useful and i got it for security and to watch my girls grow when am not around. Anyway we got some nice kit for when our kid came along its a camera with built in heat temp readings and motion sensor and it also prevents you peeking in on them but also if you have a temp issue aswell and no doubt there is a way you can add or do something to be able to add a HYGROMETER to it or even in its veiw as i do then you only have to go near them to feed and check them over apart from that you dont have to touch your grow which helps with the natural growing. But doing what you must to help nudge a better yeild. Because autos are so delicate that one wrong move and it messes everything up and they arent like your regular seeds or even the feminized ones you have alot of give when growing them since there are methods out there so you can return your plant to veg and start over but with autos i have yet to hear that it is possible. Because its on a count down from the second you germinate it then it is amazing and each strain differes and some so fast its unbelievable and this seems like one of them you have under 3wks of veg to get as big and bushy as you can and using which ever methods you are comfortable using. Nxt time i grow i am going to doa couple extra to teach myself how to do certain methods to maximise plant growth during veg and if i can do it with this strain then wow how beautiful is the sight of they gorgeous purple green smokey colour each day.


Can you or do any of you guys or gals use molasses can you answer this question? Do you use molasses even when you dont use nutes. Molasses isnt directly for your plants its more for your soil which helps the microbes in it if am not mistaken. Anyone know if am wrong please pop up but i have saw videos on this that is why i ask. So if you can help me then feel free to drop a msg so we can chat thanks @Shuggz @dbrn32 @Donaldj @bob31 @BIGE @garrigan65 @M4ur @MattyBear @Nug-bug @Kapelady also how do you enter bud of the month or does someone just pic a bud pic thats been posted.


On another note nearly all my parts are hear and i will be starting my version of a space bucket and just have couple of things to come and need to order couple more things but they will be nxt delivery tho and then i will be busy for couple weeks as i wait for my girls to finish up. As i can become very inpatient and well you get the picture. And because we smoke more than i can produce at this moment to do us till nxt grow is ready then i will be going to try a different strain a feminized one nxt time but finding what i need will be time consuming since i grow for specific reason and have to find the right strain and type. But it will be fun looking i do the leg work pic a few that i really like and that is good for our needs and the boss gets the final say. But i do still have plenty of auto’s seeds left aswell so i will be using them as test seeds for my projects if they are successful in growing. I also have few thousand northern lights seeds i will be dropping as the seeds i use to test the buckets as i can and will have alot of play with mistakes if i use a reg seeds for spacebuckets.


How do i enter for bud of the month @garrigan65


I feel like I already answered these questions from my perspective. What is it you’re looking to do?

You’re going to find that some people don’t use molasses, some people probably use a bottle that is molasses based and probably don’t even realize it. Of people that knowingly use it, some will just mix with their nutes and others may apply to watering on off feed days. Some people that cut off nets early will continue to apply molasses during their ripening time. There’s not an exact right or wrong way to use it, as good or bad can depend a lot on what else you’re doing.

Your best bet is going to be to try whatever you’re thinking on a small level and see how it goes.