Second Grow Purple express


@Shuggz cheers for tht tip bruv


yo fam how you doin i hoope all is good also u can use exhale it is good i use that too anyway bro u knw wat i am using the some of the same as u wat you need to knw its all in my journal or jst ask bro but on flower i use the bio heaven bio bloom & topmax cal/mag i hope that help fam


Thanks bruv i appreciate it and i too am using bio heaven infact i am also using magne-cal+ i also have fish mix or something aswell and i have all bio bizzes nutes except 1 acti vera i will get tht soon aswell. And i have a few thousand seeds of northern lights which i hope to collect this week and a new hps light minus i think the ballast but just need to see. @Shuggz

Some new pics today what you all think the funny thing is one is turning purple like it should. Am hoping she will turn purple too but have to wait and see. But someone said i may have a problem with the leaves but i am not sure. They look great but with auto i cant afford a issue now.

Thats a few pics taken today and i will be having a good look tonight and the girls nxt feed is to be plain h20 but is there anyway i can add stuff to help gi my girls more food thts not nutes like molassess will that help fatyen the girls up. Pop up and tell me plz ppl.
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Very nice!


It’s nice to see biobizz working good … Soon I will be able to get them(indoor trio, bio heaven, Alg-a-mic and acti-vera) also I will get the PK from bio nova and super vit from hessi.
For fat buds I recommend to get a PK booster (i was having the bloombastic from Atami and worked very good (I used that on entire flowering stage - that supposed to be for the last 2 weeks :joy:).
PS Try to not rush them to much because you can overfeed them and you will have problems :wink:.
PSS I recommend to start new seeds when them are in the last 3-4 weeks before harvest, this way you will have enough mj and never run out


Looks awesome, love the color :money_mouth_face:
Haven’t done the molasses thing so I really don’t know, sorry bruh


Am a bit worried guys about the leaves on my purple girl they seem like thy r curling under but she still looks healthy. Can anyone have a look plz.
@garrigan65 @Donaldj @bob31 @M4ur @Nug-bug @Shuggz @Kapelady anyones input welcome plz.

Thanks fam really appreciated you all should know me by now i worry to much but i cant afford a problem now not with this beauty anyway since the other hasnt turned purple yet but she might not.


Could be too close to the lights,or too much heat. That’s what it looks like.
The rest of the plant isn’t doing it so don’t think it’s nitro-tox.
Double check distance of ya lights, and Temps


I think @Nug-bug is on track here


The lights have been far enuff and temps are all good i have been trying to locate other pics of this strain because i think its just what its doing as it changes colour from green to purple as the other one isnt doing it but the other one is also i a mixed soil two different brands basically the left overs from previous bags that was left some bio nova and bio bizz light mix and the purple one is only in the bio bizz and use same nutes with plant magic magne cal plus at ph 6.5 got it it all checked off @Nug-bug so i wasnt sure its the heat either temp are 24 and 28 degree during day and not lower than 21 degree celcius but normally 22 to 24 degrees. Some one said maybe over watered at one point i am also using a home made co2 maybe that ?


Co2 wont cause that issue
Over watering can definitely cause it
How often do you water ?


Last watered was 2days this will be the third but i do have a soil meter tht tells me the moistor in my soil and p.h . What distance would you say my 300w led cheap one tht works well on last grow under circumstances i got 42g for my first grow from 3 plants had a few issues along the way with them. But i have gotten this far without one and as my luck always is bad i have this issue. So at what distance in cm would you recomend i move the lights as i have 2 one on for each girl. One light is newer than the other and same brand and are a littls different readings on lux meter.


Imo 30-46 cm should be perfect :ok_hand: with out know actual specs on lights
As far as knowing when to water poke your finger into soil uo to second knuckle if dirt is dry water them


Av put them to 73cm as thats what i read something on them.


This strain am doing “PURPLE EXPRESS” IT only veg’d for 19 days give or take a day or two. So not a great deal of time to get them to a decent size without better equipment but i think am doing not to bad.


@Mikos, just make sure you don’t overdo the nuts!


@Mikos, too close to lights? Watering? Fertilizer? Check all of these!


Well guys today am going to give my girls alot of tlc today since ive not been able to give them all the love thy deserve. So al be dropping podt allday plz. And i love it.


I have checked everything no changed and thy look healthy just weird. The girls do tht before the colour starts to come out the other one is doing it now but she is started to get purple bits. So i am wondering if thats wat thy do before going purple. And plus if it takes 55days from seed like thy say thn i only have 25days left and thy will be ready give or take a day or 2. This time thou am going to push it to as far as i can before harvesting thm.


Wow i mean these auto flowers are just so fasinating i mean they just grow so fast yeah they have there down side but to learn with its just amazing. And yes its hard to get large colas like you can with regular however because of genetics and various other methods we can increase size and yeild a little more. I am hopeful that i have done well even better this time round than last but only time will tell now i have had a good look and am even more certain that its what happens with this strain as it changes colour the leaves go through the process you are seeing. Anyway as am not to worried at this moment since i have had a good look at the girls and added more co2 thy have perked up and i have took some close ups aswell today what you all think.

Now as you can see we are pretty far on compared to other strains even other auto’s this is one of the quickest strain to grow from seed if all the info that is out there on the net is to be believed or even half of whats online then its a very quick strain to grow from start to finish and i guess with the correct knowledge and experience not to mention right equipment and set up then there is no guessing at how great a strain it would be to grow on a larger scale. I mean just look at some of my picks so i can only imagine how great something with a larger more developed cola would look. This will come with time and equipment which i will get round to purchasing i due course now that i know i am capable of successful growing thanks to all you guys. Thanks @bob31 @garrigan65 @Donaldj @Shuggz @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @M4ur @Nug-bug @Kapelady @skgrower. Thank you all for your helpful hints tips and knowledge you have all so graciously bestowed upon me and i shall be greatful and use it to learn and achecive so muuch great grows over the future months and years to come.