Second Grow Purple express


Good morning my grow family well i will upload today pics is it me or are my girls starting to flower already.

Well what the verdic boys and girls. Dont they look alot perkier than any other morning. Xx


They look very healthy, Mikos, you’re doing a great job. :wink:


@dbrn32 @bob31 @Shuggz @garrigan65 @Nug-bug @M4ur @AmnesiaHaze @Kapelady. Can anyone help me out i want to add molasses to my nutes and to my water but not sure which way to do it or how much to add. What i was thinking was every plain water i would use it there instead of adding it in with my nutes or should i just add it into the mix. Am doing everything i can within my power to maximize my yeild with as little paying out for more or different nutes. Am sticking to what i am using this time round and depending on my outcome this time will depend on future use of the nutes i am using. And if i am not happy with the results this time round then i will change what i am using and i will go for something different and will be looking for all you guys tips and recomendations.


Can you tell me do u or have u used molassess in any of your grows if so what amount /quantity and how is it made up and can i add it in to my nute mix.


Which molasses do you have, what else are you feeding with, and what do your pppm’s look like?

The bottle I use contains molasses and kelp extract, and I mix with my regular feedings unless I have a reason not to as stated above.



i have all bar one and thts the acti-vera and i have plant magics magne cal+ and thats all am using atm. And this is the type of molassess i want to use.


The bio grow looks to have a natural sugar load.


@Mikos, …usually has to do with watering…downward…too much water…I believe. If the amount of correct water is being used then the leaves kinda turn upward.


And what does that mean that i cant or dont have to or its upto myself. Or could i add it to the plain water i give every other day. If so how much would you recomend i put into 8 litres of water. @dbrn32


Well i had little peek in again on lights on and wow check these out.

This is great i can show you that i have one already comming in purple and the other might change then again might not i found out that you dont always get purple buds so its good to be able to show this as they grow . What you all think leave your thoughts and views thanka very much and grow in peace. … @Shuggz @bob31 @Donaldj @Nug-bug @AmnesiaHaze @Niala @dbrn32 @Kapelady


Can do with some advice. How far into flower would you say my girls are. Am trying to figure out how long thy are or were in veg. @Donaldj @M4ur @bob31 @dbrn32 @Nug-bug


:joy: this is what you only know I guess… When them pop up? And when you saw the first pistils?
I personally don’t monitor the plant age, when she’s ready she’s ready… You can’t rush nature :wink:


Thanks i just like to have a second opinion and in tht case then this strain has a very short veg period infact i think its just 3wks and no more give or take a day or 2 and which doesnt give you much time to get a decent veg. Dont get me wrong the fact its veg is so short and i am thinking 26cm and 27cm is a decent size considering my circumstances and equipment isnt the best but it does the job am running 2 300w LED cheap ones tht seem to be doing the job well enough anyway only time will tell but i will be using the plants and not the dates the breeder says as i found the last batch i did was 3 to 6 days over the info that came with the seeds. But this strain is supposedly ready in under 55days from seed to harvest so i thinking al just trust the girls to tell me they are done.


Looking good my friend


They are in early flowering stage, maybe 1 or 2 weeks old in that stage… @Mikos

They’re looking good :+1:


Thanks i do try to do the best by my girls. Thanks again to my grow fam for all your help.


yo bro how u i hope all is good thing look nice keep it up and i dont knw about auto


@Mikos…absolutely stunning!


bro use baking soda and cider vinger check on youtube


Thanks @Shuggz sorry missed you last night something came up.
well people check these girls today they doing good.

So today is the first time i have an issue with my temps but its all to do with the weather and were i draw my cold air from must be even colder than ushall there av had to turn off my big fans and left a little 4inch one on to circulate the air and it just hope to not risk my girls and am lucky to me around all day to watch it and check its all good.