Second grow! Outdoor organic grow journal

I have my seeds in water and pots ready outside in a clearing of my patch of woods. Again this year I am growing 2 purple haze seeds. I’m a month late but I was 6 months late last year so… an improvement! :rofl: I am continuing my organic ways. :green_heart:


What does this mean? I’m sure it’s planting related… :laughing:

Started my seeds in a seed starter along with my herbs (kind of late with those too this year), had my stuff out and though what the heck I’ll give it a try. 4 days later and my canna seedlings were almost touching the humidity dome so I had to transplant them into small pots. :rofl::rofl: Learn something new everyday! They don’t seem bothered by the early transplant. I also started them in happy frog this year instead so of miracle grow seed starter like last year and they seem to be LOVING LIFE!

These pictures were taken in the same day! Over an inch of growth in less than 8 hrs! Next year I might start them directly outdoors but… idk we shall see. I just want to give them a good start and not lose one right away; especially at $10 a pop for seeds!

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One of the seedlings was injured at the level of the soil. Seemed like the soil wasn’t able to dry all the way out from being in the Bonnie pots. Which is weird because the Bonnie pots are wider then the solo cups I used last year. :thinking: I had made a temporary brace out of 2 popsicle sticks and a ribbon to hold the poor thing up! Days later and the surface of the soil was still too wet around the plant for some reason so I decided to move them to their forever home a couple weeks earlier than anticipated. I figured that would help even out the soil moisture. I’m definitely leaning more towards starting my seeds directly outdoors next year!! I also threw some cover crop seeds down and added a layer of shredded leaves for mulch! My first year with the addition of cover crops so I am excited!