Second grow new set up how’s it look

This is my second grow first one was with super skunk and I was please so this time around I order a few different kinds
All Ilgm seeds
Wedding cake
Cherry pie
Girl Scout cookies
Blue dream
Blue haze
Blue cheese

1- 2x2x2 drying tent
1- 5x5 tent for flowering
1-5x5 tent for vegg
2- knock off hlg 240 watts in each tent
Fans in all three
1- clone dome for clones

Grows been going great can’t wait to smoke these girls.


Very nice setup

it looks committed. Both feet as they say. Good stuff…

Yea took me a little over 6 months to get everything the way I wanted and first grow was in a closet with some burple lights lol

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Very nice bro :ok_hand: