Second grow MAC autoflower!

Just started an alien cookies autoflower from helix genetics and I’m very excited to see how this one turns out! Back at it again with the super cheap lights to screw around and find out. I’m running 3 2 ft great value plant leds and 2 60 watt blurples. Using Gaia green living soil and worm castings along with some 4 4 4 all purpose and 284 bloom. Take a ride along this journey with me and tell me your thoughts! Would love to get some advice as this is my second indoor grow ever. Thank you!


You can look into a viparspectra purple light possibly 300 w to start or 2 300 watt or a 600w depending on your space it’s a good starter as it was for me.

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I have a nice setup outdoors this is more of a test run with super cheap lights from Walmart! In the future I would love to get a new setup but for now I’d like to see where this light setup takes my girls!

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She’s doing amazing so far! 3 weeks in!

First defoliation day! Just took a few fan leaves off for more light penetration. The leaves have been slightly curling at the ends so I’ve been slowly flushing the plant over this week of watering to remove excess nitrogen! Other than that she grows fast and strong

She is blowing up! First day of week 4 and showing some serious growth day by day!

This girl is going places! Almost week five and dang it does she smell strong! @TheChef here is my grow log

Had some serious humidity issues last night tto where the leaves were drooping bad and super dry to the touch. Needless to say adding some humidity really helped this girl! Slowly starting to see some bud development and the smell gets stronger every day

Defoliation again today. Fed her some 284 last night and she loved it! Only one more feeding before I chop this baby down

Into week five now and week 2 of flower

Would you believe this is my first auto? I almost dont haha! This girl is going places! What do you think? @dbrn32 wanted to see what your thoughts on my light setup. I know you are the resident light guy :sweat_smile: I’m running a 600w Grocruiser from Amazon. Not quite sure on the specs was wondering if you could teach me a bit? New guy for sure and just need some advice!


One more day until week six and week 3 of flower. Still can’t believe she flipped to flower the day of week three but I’m honestly happy with where she is at. Her sister I planted 2 weeks prior isn’t doing so well and shot out pistils, but they faded and it almost seems like she is stuck in veg

Im unfamiliar with light, but looks like you have a very nice plant. Great job!

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Is it normal for the same genetics to flower at different times? The big one flowered at week 3 and my other just started flowering well into week four

Did some hardcore lst last night. I mean hard baby! I put those branches on lean mode and I guess they asked me this morning, do you even lift bro? Attempt number 3 of evening out the canopy and next week will be the last. If she wants to be tall I guess let her

Week 3 and 4 from sprouting or is this deducting time for being a seedling or anything like that?

It’s plenty normal for plants of same strain to behave different. Thinking 3 weeks from sprouting is a little earlier than normal though.

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3 weeks from sprout on the first one and 4 on the second

Day 46 from germinating looking really good

@DarhkGrows here’s my log if you wanna follow.

Set to watching man thanks :pray: @Jeff420chef

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