Second grow looks good to me opions

I grow lemon skunk one tent they are 4 weeks into flowering my other tint containing sour desil 5 weeks into veg both tent hps with 1000 watt ballests


You should vegg with mh lights


HPS lights are working just fine. Don’t those intermodal lengths look compact?

I agree with @HornHead although HPS can take a plant through entire grow it’s not optimal, mh for vegg HPS for flower is optimal


I think the flowering plants look good. Serrations on leaves look off a bit, maybe take a look at leaf surface temp…

The smaller plants kinda hard to tell in the lighting.

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Thank you

Thank you don’t sure what you mean about the leaf i know the sour desil got a little warm i turned down my ballest it seems to be helping

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What are your typical canopy temps?

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74 flowering 78 veg 48% humidity flowering all i can get in the veg tint

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That’s not bad.

Will that effect the growing processes can i run that light off my ballast

Should say on ballast if they’re interchangeable

What does mh stand for

Metal Halide. Similar to High Pressure Sodium, but less red, more blue. MH usually results in tighter internodes. Can be used through an entire grow, but usually only used for the vegetative stage.

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Thank you sir i apprcate that very much

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Why do my leaves look like this buds look great

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Sour desil

out of control

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Should i turn the light down on the flowering tent its running 100% should i put it on 75%

Hard to tell what you are talking about. The burnt edges is I sign of nutrient burn. If they are tacoing up, could be a heat problem

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I agree, looks like nute burn more than anything. Can you get pictures under a natural light source?