Second grow. Lights. Auto. Soil

In need of guidance. Any and all input is appreciated. First grow impeccable. Second grow failed. Third grow failed. Fourth grow…I need help.

Light: Bloomspect 300w LED. Light positioned about a foot above the soil.
Soil: Detroit Great Lakes Water Only
Seed: Auto (exact strain unknown - grabbed from mixed bag). One plant only.
Germination: Soak/Paper towel
Temperature: 72-74
Humidity: 48-55
Planter: 3 gallon fabric

Currently, seed is inside a plastic red cup with holes poked for drainage. Planted sprout yesterday (taproot down). Light is about a foot from the cupped soil.

When should I expect to see plant break through soil?

Should a plastic water bottle dome be placed over the soil to create/increase humidity?

I read on the forum that the lights should be 4 inches above the planted seed. Is this correct? Please confirm.

Does “water only” really mean no nutes?

Does “water only” type of soil mean Not to monitor ph of run off?

My tap water was at 7.0. I brought the water down to 6.5 but the run off is still about 7.2.

I get really anxious after about a gew days if nothing peaks through the soil. I think I end up killing what could have been.

Thanks a bunch.

If your soil say Water Only I’m going to guess it means you don’t have to add nutrients to the plants , just water . The soil already has nutrients in it . Those nutrients might be too much for a young seedling . Ph all water going into the soil to 6.5 . Yes place a dome over the soil . Soil should be moist not saturated . Light should be a small regular household type at first . I don’t know if you need a 300W light yet

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A 65 watt CFL or a T5 fluorescent would be perfect for the seedling when it peeks out. Until it emerges, it doesn’t really care about light.

@Moringa, if you are using a hot soil for your seedlings, as @Seeddog suggests, that may be the reason that your seedlings have struggled or died. Seedlings need very low nutrient soil for the first two weeks. Nurseries sell “seedling potting soil”, that is what I use for seedlings.

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Should I ever so gently, with tweezers, remove the sprout and place in a different soil? I really dont want to fail.

Also, are the suggested lights regular bulb screw ins? Working on a budget. Thanks

How long has it been in soil?

It hasnt been in soil a while 24 hours.

If it were mine, I would carefully dump the soil/seed into a tray, maybe scoop the seed with soil with a spoon so you don’t loose the seed. This is a risky move but I think worth the risk.

The CFL grow light is available at you nursery supply and, yes it does screw into a standard socket. I don’t recall the cost of the CFL but not too expensive.

Also, as @Seeddog said (as I recall, I just vaped .1 g) DO NOT over water the seedling.

Good to see you coming in @blackthumbbetty

With that led light, you’ll want to start at 24", to be safe, and move down from there. I used to use a 130w blurple to start my seeds.

“Water only” means your soil has plenty of nutes for several weeks, or possibly for the whole grow.

At this young age, don’t water to run-off.

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So, to the nursery for 65W CFL and just a basic seedling soil.

Darn, I thought I was on a roll. Its all worth it in the end though. Thanks to all.

Could I also find these items on Amazon?

57 Screenshot_2018-11-24-22-59-15

What you have there will work,

This is what I have:

Cool. Thanks a bunch. Will update as soon as I make the transfer. FINGERS CROSSED!

Good luck and be careful.

As in, be careful with the seed/taproot right? Lol. Will use clean tweezer and a steady hand.

I am concerned about the tweezer idea LOL Maybe use a 1/8 t measuring spoon to carefully scoop it up. You may have steadier hands than I have. You can do this and you will have a thriving plant in a week or so.

I just took a glimpse at the dirt to further plan my approach for tomorrow and noticed some change. Was not there earlier or I wouldve mentioned it in my post. See the tiny white piece just about to poke up through the soil…

Does this change your mind? Thanks

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I’d just leave it, now that it’s germing.

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Set to watch, and sitting on the edge of my seat, lol. You got this!

Brand new baby🤗, hope its a girl😎

Changes in just a few hours. Few questions:

Should I sweep a little soil on top of what has peeked through?

What exactly is this? No, really, it had a red tone, not green.

You’d break my heart if you say yes but, is this the end or am I still looking good?
Just never seen this stage of growth.

Cant get any better pics. Old Galaxy 4 phone. Lol

Thanks a bunch.

Looking good. Chill out, lol.