Second grow in a 27x27x63 was thunking if just one plant

First of all thanks to all for help with previous grow. I think it was successful but will only know after a few weeks cure So the first grow was a learning experience as way overcrowded. I have read that if I have one plant it would still fill up tent. I have a spider farm 2000 so it is close to 200 real watts. I think one plant would be easier to maintain. Does this logic make since for gorilla glue autoflower? Also I would try and low stress train as tops were all over the place. Any suggestions for a small tent?

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An auto might or might not fill up your tent

Better off growing Photoperiods. Autos are either a hit or a miss. You don’t control a Auto as it does what it wants, when it wants.

With Photoperiods you have complete control and time to correct if a problem arises. Autos you don’t.

Ok I do have photoseeds but non feminized. How many should I plant in Dixie cups (clear inside colored) to get one female. I have a scrog net and was thinking along the same lines.

27x27 is a good size, I have one, and you can grow one monster in there, or 4 smaller ones. As long as you have adequate coverage from the light.

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Pop three
Odds are 1 to 2 will be female
Watch all close to get the one dude out (statistically speaking)
You could get all dudes or all chicks but statistically speaking best odds for females
I came up with the science in my head so if you challenged my stats you win


If I had a tent that small, not even 1/5th of my plant would fit in it. This is where training like Scrog would come in handy. :+1:

I hate Autos as they do what they want, when they want. If a problem arises, Autos don’t have the time to be corrected like a Photperiod plant.

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I made this up if you couldn’t tell

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I am doing my first grow in a small tent (2x4). I went with7 plants SOG grow. Half way done, but wont do it again. Way too crowded. I think 4 autos would be about right or a couple of photo periods. Like they say, one plant or 8, you end up with about the same amount of pot.

I have a scrog net and would be going with photos. I opted three photos in water today. Tommorow they will go on paper towels. I will start Dixie cups, next 1 gallon until sex, and a 4 gallon tall afterwards


But it sounded. so good. I’ve got 3 reg seeds in the cooker right now, I’m going to pray they’re all female. I mean honestly if they’re not I’m gonna pray my super skunk auto survives long enough that I can throw the males in a diff room of the house with the auto. Cuz a Super Skunk / Purple Urkle hybrid could be fun, especially if it has some auto tendencies. :thinking:

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