Second grow, ILGM Purple Haze Fem

Hi all, I am new to this site. First topic post. Have been reading a lot and am in a real spot here. I have ILGM purple haze, super super haze and golden leaf. All 9 week photos. I am finishing week 3 of flower. This is my second grow and have never seen this before. I think it’s nite burn. Unfortunately I am out of town and told the wife to water with water I have already RO’d. I would never take/post a pic under lights but being out of town I don’t really have a choice. I am NEVER out of town. Again any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome! It is really hard to see in that lighting but if my feet were held to the fire I’d say the first pic looks like calcium and the others like magnesium. You’re using RO water, are you supplementing any additional calcium and magnesium?


I was told not to add cal mag. I’m growing in advanced sunshine mix #4 and using advanced nutrients cocoa/cocoa safe advanced line. Tech support at advanced nutrients said I didn’t need to add cal-mag since I was running there bloom cocoa nutes. Made it sound like the cal mag needed was in the bloom cocoa nutes. If it just cal-mag that’s an easy fix that I can handle on Wed. But it does look like a cal deficiency. Again, sorry for the pic under the lights. It really looks like someone came a wiped rust on the top leaves. Now it’s getting more and more. Make since to be a cal mag issue now that I think about it. Is it saveable? I’ll be back We’d afternoon to start fixing if possible?

Absolutely salvageable. So are you in coco too? Definitely going to need cal mag with coco and RO water. When you get back take a pic in natural light since the blurple can mask a lot.

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You were told wrong mate its almost impossible to add to much cal mag to unbuffered coco coir