Second grow...heavy lst on autos...trimming advice?

So…my second grow. First time with autos. Plants are looking great but…with almost everything close to an even canopy do i defoliate lower limbs? Even if they are at canopy level or at least peeking through? All opinions welcome as ive read a ton going either way. Just want opinion. Heres a few pics from today to give an idea of what ive got. And yes they are shooting pistils everywhere! Reading everyones logs and questions here has been so helpful.


Hmmm. I would only snip whatever is 1/3 of the way up. Anything above that leave. I just snip all the small stuff off the bottom third. If it has descent flowering up top with the rest ill leave the branch but clean up the bottom of it. Better on autos would be @Not2SureYet. @imSICKkid i believe they r auto kings

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I wouldn’t take away any potential bud sites. And I definitely cant give any advice on autos. @Not2SureYet is the guy to ask for em. I hate autos lol with a passion


So @imSICKkid u hot a bean site u sell beans at?? Curious to check it out if so. Wanna get some more fla ors of some good stuff. Good yielders and high potency stuff.

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@imSICKkid what about small side shoots well below the canopy. Keep in mind my goal is the best balance i can get between potency and yield. Ill sacrifice weight for quality. I havent trimmed much. Just damaged/dying leaves. And two lower stems i snapped while training…oops. btw there are 5 total autos there. 2 blueberry, 2 gscextreme, and a amnesia haze. One blueberry is a bit stunted…not sure why. All ilgm seeds. I topped the 2 gscxtremes but none of the others. And they are 5 weeks 3 days from seed.

I have grown both blueberry and amnesia haze autos, all from ILGM. My blueberries stayed compact. Neither were topped. The one on the left is only 18"

These are 2 of the AH. The one on the right was topped. The other was not. For reference, the door knob is 32".
Defoliating autos is different than with photos. I generally don’t do it. As long as you have them spread out and air circulation is good, I don’t remove bottom leaves unless yellowing from age.
I had two issues, of my own making, with my AH. I started with 4 and burned one up from nitrogen toxicity. Also, at the time I did a lousy job monitoring ph. They did not like that at all. Once I flushed and cleaned the soil, and corrected the ph, the remaining 3 did well.


No I dont have my seeds at any bank yet. I’m still in the process of getting to F2s and F3s. I just let a handful of the homies grow out stuff to test them in different environments other then my own


Ship em ill donate. I want a definite good yielder. Been shopping around ilgm for some beans. Any suggestions on good sticky potent. Or good high yielders that have good tastes and smells nice buzz. I dont wanna get seeds and turn out to be a shit grow. Afraid of all these places selling crac.k ass beans from what im reading.

I would highly advise for you to hold on on trimming the smaller fan leaves going up each cola until they are dry. You can clip off the big fan leaves with stems, but the more actual green wet leaf you cut through, the greater the accumulation of that green grassy chlorophyll smell. If you trim dry, it brings out the smell/flavor much more. Just wait till your buds feels dry, and the stem is dry enough to snap, but green enough to not fully severe. After you trim your weed and put it in a container, the moisture left in the stem will redistribute into the bud itself and the end result will be perfectly dry but not crumbly weed. Like an almost gooey finish

@beardless im guessing those pics were just before harvest? They look great! Hope mine look as nice! I’ve noticed the blueberry staying much tighter. One is finally stretching some but the other is still a little shrub. I asked about harvest because i dont see any fan leaves on those and mine have a few monsters. Im sure they’ll yellow and start dying during full flower.

Since she is not a tall lady. I would leave her alone for 2 more weeks. Then start taking large fan leaves from the bottom first. If you get so there are bud sites under there that will get very little light. Get rid of them. send the energy up top. Most of my tiny stuff down there gets tossed any ways once it is dried. It dories up to almost nothing. Like a few hairs. Do a few. Give it a day and look at it. You can plan for the next trim then. It is easy to get trimming and strip a lot before you realize it. Just my o2

@Not2SureYet thanks for the input. There are a few side shoots hanging under the canopy that I’ll keep an eye on. If they shoot up tall I’ll leave them. If not ill lose them. Im thinking ill keep any trimming minimal this round as it is only my second grow and first with autos. Learned a lot from my first run with photos. Like i harvested early, you can still drown a plant that is grown in only water, and not to designate a timeline. Lol. Sure is a fun thing to do though

Don’t cut anything on autos, they don’t have enough time to mend because they are racing to the finish line

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Your just gonna have to grow out plants until you find good keeper cuts that check all the boxes. Check out Empire Novelties and look at 1904 Genetics.

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I topped two at 4th node middle of week 3. They are massive. Canopy completely covering the top of a 17 gallon tote. Im only looking at defoiliating at this point. To increase yield and qaulity. Think I’ve decided to let them finish the stretch as ive raised my lights every day the last 3 days. And once they slow ill lose any lower level bud sites blocked out by the canopy. Im also in early veg on 2 gsc photos that were given to me as fresh clones. They are getting topped in another node or two. Almost as tall as my autos already.

Just an update for anyone that cares. Everybody growing like crazy! Pistils and bud sites abound :smiley:! Raising lights daily and drinking ridiculous amounts. At this point im only able to isolate the one plant which is pictured. Not topped heavily trained amnesia haze. All 5 of these are autos from ilgm mix pack.


Looking really good @superron. Keep it up. Makes my tiny AMN look shameful. However, did get about 20 grams from a 1/2 gallon pot with many difficulties. For a first grow, I am very happy to have a harvest.

Keep updating! :call_me_hand:t3:

Topped my gsc clone and she looks like shes bleeding! Shes a photo finishing veg while my autos flower.hadnt seen this before.

Clear…yes…bronzeish…yup. but this just looked cool. Any one else seen it?


That looks pretty damn cool!!!

“It’s…It’s ALIVE!”