Second grow general question

So I am on my second grow. Attached you’ll find a pic of my seedling/sprout. She sprouted on the 26th of January.

Does she have roots developed enough to actually water instead of mist?


By now there should be a tap root. Water but lightly,


At that age i only mist a lot


Looking good @dmykins as said light water at first. This is what I like about the ebb and flow system. You can put them into the system as seedlings and feed five times a day for a half hour and no misting really needed. I haven’t had a problem yet. Just make sure you keep the humidity high at first.


Thanks everyone @NTMAREMACH @Myfriendis410 @Laurap

I will make sure I pH the water to 6.5 and water lightly.


I will start to water a ring about 3 or 4 inches in diameter around the sprout, to encourage the roots to grow out

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You can lightly water. Maybe 1/4 cup. No nutrients yet. :slight_smile:



If I just planted the seed directly into FFHF how long should I wait before using NFTG nutrients?

I didn’t transplant, so I dunno if I should wait less time since they are already in their final home?

Any help is appreciated…

I have read that I should wait until the 4th week or 5th node…but again that is when transplanted I thought.

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That dirt will have enough nutrients to feed your little guy for a few weeks. Your on the right track at about 5 sets of leaves. Put a fan in there to strengthen the stem to.

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@timmyv324 @latewood

It’s been a few days and this is how she looks…

I have been using about a half cup of water or so to water… should I do more and continue to spread out to help the roots grow? Or should 1/2 cup suffice? She is in a fabric pot. The humidity isn’t as high as I would like (around 35RH) if that matters…

Thanks everyone!


Looks good to me. Can’t trally see leaf color but other than that. It’s not stretching and seems pretty uniform. I’d say monitor the soil and keep it where you have it fir know. Seems to like what you got going

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She’s green, her newer growth is a slightly lighter green, but she is green overall.

On my first grow, I think I messed up by not using nutes at the right time and she got deficient. That’s why I am closely monitoring.

Thank you again!

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I think they’ve still to young for nutes but thatvrealky depends on your soil blend. A good soil will feed a seedling for a few weeks before you need nutes. Check your Ph and go from there that more than likely the problem

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@timmyv324 @Sirsmokes @latewood @Laurap @Myfriendis410

Good Morning Everyone,

Just a follow up on my plant with an inquiry about nutrients…

As you can see from the picture she has what looks to be 5 sets if leaves. She sprouted directly in the pot with FFHF soil about a month ago.

Is it about time for nutes? I will be using NFTG…

Attached is a pic where you can see the side of her and how bushy she is with her 5 sets of leaves…

Thanks again everyone for the help!


Good morning. I would say it’s safe for light feedings. Maybe every other water to see how it takes it. If it seems to b loving it your on the right path. Look at your nutrient schedule for how much to use in your mix.

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I’m kinda leaning toward; if the plant looks good it doesn’t need anything. But the majority here use nutes as early as two weeks. Ph followed by nutrients are the two main issues in growing. Happy Frog is good stuff; I’ve got three in it right now at the same point as you and all they’ve gotten is 6.5 ph water.


You can start adding some nutes if you like. Personally, I like to go half strength especially for a first feeding. And don’t forget to Ph those nutes.

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I would feed at 1/4 strength and watch your leaf tips for nut burn, but I am not familiar with ff soil of any kind but from what everyone says on here is it has enough nuts for 3 to 4 weeks. With that being said I read somewhere (can’t recall exactly where) but it’s best to give half strength nutrients during veg then full strength in flower. I plan on trying it with this grow.

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Im with @Myfriendis410, if it looks good leave it alone :smile:


@timmyv324 @Myfriendis410

Thanks guys, maybe I will do a small feeding once a week or so to see what comes of it. This is my second grow and first with photos.

I want to improve upon my first grow, and I think my problem is how do I know they are ready for nutrients?