Second grow first solo journal

I’m currently in the middle of my first grow it’s Amnesia Haze Auto from ILGM and doing OK so far, it’s journaled on here but I piggybacked on another grow so as not to clutter the threads. So I decided to keep this thing going and dropped two seeds on 5/14 one Lowrider and one Northernlights. My first grow is a water only grow the Am Haze no nutes. On that one I’m growing in Kind soil and FFOF. With this grow I’m going to do another Kind soil grow and a nutrient grow to get my feet wet with nutrients. The lowrider will be the Kind soil grow and the Northernlights will be a nutrient grow with Fox Farms Trio. I’m probably going to be asking a lot of questions for this one and appreciate any and all advice. so here’s the deal.
4x4 grow tent with one Budgetled 250 r-spec light right now I have another light coming that will be here today.
5gal Fabric pots
The Northern lights are planted in FFOF and the Lowrider is in Kind soil with FFOF
Seeds sprouted 5/17
Planted seeds in their forever home 5/18
Tagging some people that were kind enough to give sound advice with my first grow. Hoping this one goes as well.
@repins12 @OldTimeRockAndGrow @Nicky @Skydiver @Bulldognuts @Amazon66 @Chasworks
Here’s some pics.




Signed on to watch. :+1:Thanks for the tag.


I’m tuned to watching as well :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


I am watching too. Did you get another Budget LED? I have a second coming tomorrow. I got the 250w xl heat sink this time. Your first one is looking good by the way. :beers:

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Every picture I see of ILGM AH auto is impressive.

I’ve gotta get me some of those once I go through my 20 SD auto

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Looking great!! Is the big plant the AH auto?
Starting the germination process tomorrow for 6 of my fifteen SeedS from ILGM will start the next 6 mid June and try a indoor grow for the remaining 3 seeds.

  1. Amnesia Haze Auto
  2. Northern Light Auto
  3. Blueberry Auto
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Yeah the big one is AH auto. She got FIM’d and LST’d that’s why she looks huge. Let me know how the Blueberry does for you. I tried to germinate three of mine with absolutely no luck. I did the same as you One Blueberry one AH and one Lowrider. The only survivor was the AH. The blue berry did nothing and the Lowrider I mangled due to my impatience. One was enough for starting out. I’m just gonna let the Lowrider do her thing and not mess with her. I’ll probably FIM and LST the Northern Lights.

I did not get a Budget led this time. I cheeped out and got an Alibaba light. This is what I got a Meijiu 240W Quantum 288 board Samsung lm301b V2 diy led grow light with 660nm. I’m willing to be a guinea pig and see how it works out. Some people have said they’ve had good luck with them. I’m just that type of person, I like to go against the grain at times. I ride mountain bikes and one of the popular components is a dropper post which at the time I bought mine they were anywhere from $350-600. So I bought a $115 dropper post from an online store it was their house brand and three years later still working like new while all of those more expensive ones have had numerous issues. You don’t always get what you pay for. Maybe I should post a review when I get it assembled and running.


Thanks for the tag ready to watch, I usually learn something new also. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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My money is on the Northern lights with nutes.

Ps those 4L jugs you have there are the BEST to cut the bottoms off, take the cap of and use those as domes.
You can cover half the cap with clear tape or leave it open. It’s what I used until I bought actually plant domes.


Set to watching thanks for the tag off to the races with the ladies.

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Set to watching. good luck!

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That’s what’s trying to see. What difference there is between the two methods.

I’ve even had luck with 1 litres for clones when small. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

it’s better to have a larger dome so you only have to keep one size while being able to keeo the plant domed longer as it grows bigger, thus 4L is good

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Sorry ,I don’t dome my seedlings I thought you were talking about for starting clones

You should, why would you dome clones but not seedlings if you don’t mind me asking.

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I’ve just never needed the extra moisture for seedlings they just take right off,I start seedlings under fluorescent light and keep them really close to bulbs and check them 3 or 4 times a day and after they start making 2nd set of leaves I stop misting and start giving real drinks just enough to keep soil moist. I take light off at night while I sleep to let them rest, this is what they look like

they popped thru dirt May 8


Top are na6 x NL and 1 on right is a mutation it started with 3 little round leaves and every set of leaves it’s shooting out 3 .The other 2 are ILGM fem super silver haze.

Awesome she looks great!! Bummer about the Blueberry! I’ll let you know in a few days if they germinate. I planned on starting a grow journal here . Such a wealth of knowledge on this forum, helps newbies like me feel more confident in problem solving!