Second Grow — First Journal — Speedy Chilie

Hey everyone! Here’s my first grow journal and second ever grow. I did alright on my first grow with two autos… ran into some inadequate light conditions and didn’t fim/top as I should’ve but still came out with about 10-12oz! (Still drying & curing but that is approximately 20% of wet weight)

This grow I am doing two photos, Speedy Chilie that I ordered from RQS before I found you guys, and plan to top/fim and install a 2x3in SCROG in my 3x3 tent so we shall see how well I fair with all of these new experiences :sunglasses:

Speedy Chile — Orange & Blue
Seeds dropped 4/18, Transferred 4/21. Blue had a hard time getting soft membrane off so I came in with the assist and now she’s looking better than Orange. Did have some res temp problems (77F) and pH fluctuation so I lost two bottom leaves on Orange but she’s recovered great. Also purchased 1/10HP chiller that’s kicking butt. Scrog net to be put up this weekend.

PH has since lingered at 5.85 and temp is at a perfect 67F.

We are about to start week 3 on Thursday when I will be changing res (from drop date).

Pics of the girls, setup, & progress so far.


5/8 & Set up

Now I just need to do a little more research on fimming/topping to get that started.


Looking good! Have any questions just tag a grower!


Good luck with this one!


May or may not do a res change today. Water level and PPMs are still reading good. I’ll wait a few more days and let them suck down the rest of the nutes. Don’t wanna just dump em :woman_shrugging:t2:



@MattyBear Are they toppable yet? Or wait until these two spread out more and clip what’s in the middle currently.

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Your call on that. They are mature enough to top tho if you want :wink:

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Okay! As long as they’re mature enough. How many toppings do you usually do? I was thinking maybe 2 as these shouldn’t get too tall


Also — just placed my first order with ILGM so I’ve got Cherry Pie, WW, and Gold Leaf coming! Excited to try out cherry pie next as my 5x5 just got cleaned up last night. I’ll be dumping all the discarded plant material at my father in laws farm today and starting the two when we get back from vacation at the beginning of June.

I kinda wanted to keep them spread out a bit as I want to be able to harvest every two months or so. For now I’ve just gotta build the RDWC and wait. After these next two grows, I’ll be looking into learning about cloning.


I usually only top/fim once but I don’t veg my plants as long as most people do either :wink:

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Update! Just installed my green screen today, 18” above my tote. Can’t wait to get this party started. Res change tomorrow… going on vacation Tuesday for the week so I’ll be having my father in law check pH and water once a day.

Also did some organizing finally in the grow room… everything was shoved in a tote before.

On another note… got my ILGM seeds in on Friday :heart_eyes:

10 Cherry Pie, 20 WW, 5 Gold Leaf


Res change! Took PPMs from 650 to 600 as I observed a TINY bit of nute burn. My girls are stretching a little as my new 3x3 light isn’t here yet but still bushy. I may top again to help alleviate a little. I’ll check the growth when I get back.

Did observe some discoloration on the single finger leaves down at the bottom but not sure the cause other than lack of light penetration?

These are the two sites that I topped… everything looking normal there?? I thought two were supposed to come from it or maybe it just turns the two already there into the main colas?


Got my new light in… they’re loving it so far! Did a new res change and quite a bit of pruning.


Just flipped to 12/12. Screen is almost full and I’m sure with the stretch it’ll be at 100%. They are SUCKING UP some water here lately, gallon a day at least and the PPMs are already at 200 only 4 days after res change so I’m up my nute amount to about 800-900 I think (was 650).

I am doing Lucas formula, some Armor Si and Hydroguard with slight Calimag added. 7-8g res and my nutes this past time were (in this order):

15mL HydroGuard, 15mL Armor Si, 30mL Micro, 60mL Bloom, 15mL CaliMag.

I am noticing new growth is a bit yellower and some top leaves are weirdly colored… IE some dark green, light green, dark green again? My pH has been swinging to 5.3 in the mornings even with adjusting 2x daily which probably has to do with the increase water uptake… and that probably has to do with the new light? Idk… Any opinions, suggestions guys?

@Hungrybud @MattyBear @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Ncgreenthumber


Looking great!


I agree they do look really good , even with the few little darker spots on the noted leaves overall they still look healthy and full of life . I would maybe just keep doing what you are doing for a few days and see if it gets better or worse and then possibly cut back on the nutes a little or change the res water and see if that helps ? Im not a pro like most of these guys but just trying to help with any possible suggestions.


@beautifulL0V3 may i ask where you got your light from ?

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New growth coming out a little more yellow is pretty normal when you hit rapid growth stages. As long as its getting a little more green eventually I wouldn’t worry to much. Keep your ph as ideal as possible.


Yes! I ordered from Growers Lights - recommended by @dbrn32. It’s the 320XW in my 3x3. I also have another light they assembled for me in my 5x5.


Okay! I just don’t want to mess up my second grow. I’ve learned a bunch from the first and have implemented it… seems to be going better thus far but when I saw the different colors I got a little worried.


No problem. It’s good to be ahead of issues, but as long as the green is coming in you should be fine.