Second grow first harvest

So I am on day 71 from seed with auto am-47and super skunk. I have been checking the tricomes dayly. I need some help determining when to stop nutrients and split the stem.
At 50% Amber…do I stop nutrients and split the stem? And then…nothing but water until when?

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I stop nutes roughly 2 weeks before projected harvest. Split stem @ one week. Oh Boy, harvests a coming!

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@Laurap how do you know what two weeks before harvest is?

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Thats a personal choice. Watch your trichs. I like a lil more than 50% so when i see a qtr or lil more amber, i go straight water. Hubbys got ptsd so i need couch lock. Want a headier high less amber. Hope this helps!

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50% amber is a lot, you’re gonna get a good couch lock. I would stop nutes at 20% amber because splitting the stem causes the trichs to turn more amber more quickly.

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@Laurap so 25% Amber starts the two week period for you? I use ff nutes and just flushed at week 10. Trics still clear.

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@raustin you just confirmed @Laurap. Thanks. One more thing…when checking the tricomes where is the best place to check. On top or middle or leads or buds?

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Thats what i would do. Even if you need to go lil longer shell eat off her fan leaves. I check big main colas.

@Laurap @raustin if I go too far Amber then…not splitting the stem would be better? Ill get some pics because ak47 looks really Amber the skunk not at all. But what do I know. Lol

You should check the trichs all over the plant. Most likely, you’ll see the buds at top will ripen more quickly, so you can harvest those first, then wait to harvest the lower part of the plant if you like. And always check the buds, not the leaves.

If you go too far into amber, then splitting the stem will allow more trichs to develop, but also hasten ripening on the trichs already there. I hope that makes sense.

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin @Laurap hard to check the trics. Even harder to take a picture. For me anyway. Anybody know the average for seed to harvest for auto ak47 and super skunk? @Countryboyjvd1971 @Sirsmokes please read the thread. I respect your opinions.

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Most generally the autos I have grown go 3 to 4 weeks longer than the description says. If you go to dollar store you can get a magnifying glass with a loup in it and check for a amber color on the trics

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Most generally the pistols will be brown for a few weeks so don’t go by pistols

You can even download a 60-90% magnification camera deal or jewelers loupes can be picked up.

The trichs are 50% amber now? Stop nutes and flush!

I think it all depends on your personal opinion, I’ve read a ton of times that you can either wait for 50%, or to 100%, 10% and that will affect the potency and production of CBD in your plants, I believe that if you let your buds ripen a little bit more the effect of the final product will me more of a relaxing experience, as the THC goes down a tiny bit and the CBD rises


And more cbn. :slightly_frowning_face:

@blackthumbbetty @Laurap @Sirsmokes @raustin

I have one plant that I believe is ready to harvest. Good amber trics on the top…not so much on the center and bottom buds. My question is this. I just did my last feeding. They are both at 11 weeks. AK-47 looks ready but not the super skunk. What is the next harvest step? No water and leave them for a few days or total flush or water normally? I want to split the stem too. When do I do that?
Thanks ya’ll

The first thing I would do is flush about a week, or so before harvest, they get nothing after that flush, not even water. I split the stem six or seven days before harvest also, then 48 hours before, they go into darkness.

Do I use the sledgehammer or just PH’ed water. Thanks