Second grow ever GDP, 1week into flower

I am sharing my GDP second grow ever. 1 week into flower. Think she is doing great. I am doing the SCROG method. I have no idea how much she will yield. I am using a combo of Fox Farm and AN nutrients. So far so good. I am open to questions and critiques. What do you think?


Pics are hard to make out, but it looks like an impressive scrog to me.

What can I do to make the pics better?


Probably just use a natural light or flash without the blurple lights.

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Maybe get rid of some of those big leaves they r blocking some of those bud sprouts. I also am growing same that’s why I know. Very bushy plant and stays somewhat short :seedling::sunny::shower::v::+1:

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I am nervous about trimming some of the bigger leaves. I was thinking I should do this but am unsure of which one exactly. Can you be more specific. I will trim tomorrow. I am also putting up a second trellis for support.

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Wait till about 2nd week in flower than just snip off a few fan leaves that r blocking buds sprouts so they get good light and just watch how she reacts most likely happy

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Make sure to start adding some Cal-Mag to them. My GDP had calcium deficiencies about 3 weeks into flower. Also, can you raise your lights? The plants seem to be shying away meaning it’s too bright, right now.

Hey thanks for the tip. I moved my light up add some cal-mag.

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