Second Grow: Can't Find Explanation for This Leaf Condition


That’s sounds about right good job on the ph catch


Thanks for the conformation.


I have heard other people on this site struggling with low pH and nute burn in Ocean Forest.

When you water, are you watering when the soil is very dry (top 1/2 to 1 inch of soil is completely dry) and then watering to runoff such that 10% of what you put in comes out the bottom?


I use the weight of the grow bag method, but certainly the top inch or more is “dry.” I also water in a large tray and make sure there is reasonable runoff. The odd thing is that the other two sisters do not exhibit any leaf issues. They have all been watered at the same time from the same master 5 gal bucket of pH’d, nuted water. It looks like things are getting back into control now. Just odd to me.