Second Grow: Can't Find Explanation for This Leaf Condition

I am starting to see a condition not seen before. 10 days in on indoor Auto Amnesia Haze and see odd “panels” on two leaves (one on each of two plants). They appear to be distressed/dry). ILGM nutes package. Water pH 6.8 (Cl removed by water in bucket for 2 days), second watering/feeding (ILGM starter), limestone added to soil to stabilize pH, Temp 76, humidity 40%, LED lights 24/7 18 inches from grow. 1st and 3rd photos go together, as does 2nd and 4th

IMG_1914 IMG_1913


Your plant is only 10 days old? What is the medium you’re in?

Do you mean the soil? Or someone who communicates with the after life!!!


I’d be pretty content with either haha.

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I have patterns like that on a scarce few of my leaves. Rare but there if I look hard enough

i wouldn’t trip on it unless it gets worse…

Sorry to be misleading. 10 days since placement of the seedling into soil. Seeds cracked in peat pellets 16 days ago. I had a bunch of issues in my first grow and am probably over sensitive. I can’t find in any similar examples the foliage in examples I have found on a few sites.

So, technically the plants are 16 days old???

Ha, ha, ha.

Thanks. I am glad you think so.

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It looks fine to me

I’m using Fox Farm Ocean Forrest in 3 gallon pots. 2 x 4 grow tent.

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I have had that on new leaves before, I wouldnt worry too much about it, it will most likely go away as it grows.

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I had it on my bubble gum I ended up figuring it out to being a cal mag issue later on but it just kept growing just like the others. So I ended up not worrying about it till the plant was bigger then foral spray and roots organics foundation dry nutes as a topper. I would wait till the plant gets bigger before trying to figure it out.

Looks like a decent start to me , let them do there thing for awhile. Don’t over water or feed.

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Ok, I just thought they looked pretty big for 10 day old plants.

I think for right now I would agree with others. Pic 1 and 3 kinda look like may be physical damage. Possibly from when you transplanted or something. Pics 2 and 4 I’m not really sure. As long as it stays isolated I wouldn’t worry too much about it either. If you notice it seems to be spreading we’ll take a closer look.

Thanks. I’ve added some limestone and it seems to be helping.

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The odd leaf pattern doesn’t appear to have hindered growth, but one plant now exhibits a different condition. Anyone have a suggestion? One of the White Widow has developed additional leaf issues.

Is it only on lower leaves?

lower and one of the next higher fan leaves. I think it is a phosphorous issue. The plant need to be watered today. Just watered and measured the run off pH. It was 5.8. Mixed a new batch of nuntrient/grow fertilizer/water solution, with a 6.8, and measured the run off. It was 6.5. Hoping I got it right (pH/phosphorous being the source). A conformation or contradiction would be appreciated. What I can’t understand is that two other plants in the grow have been receiving the same fertilizer solution and watering schedule, and they are fine.