Second Grow (Bruce Banner & Gold Leaf) Love advice:)

Whats up dudes. Ice Sheets here. This is my second grow and I would love to get some advice from all of you. Below you will find my current set up.

Tent: Vivosun 4x4x80’’
Veg lights: 1. Bestva 2000 watt elite reflector series (Running full spectrum at 30’’ from canopy
2. Sunraise 1000 watt (Running veg blue spectrum at 24’’ from the side of canopy)
3. Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Mist
4. Seeds were stored in freezer so hopefully the growth is not stunted.

Pictures Below: Day 18

Light cycle is 19 on and 5 off. Have been watering once a day right before the start of light cycle.

((( I know I am not growing with the most ideal lights but this is what I have and I would like to make the most of out if for my veg tent )))

I started out with just the Bestva 2000 Watt on veg about 30’’ away and now I switched it to full spectrum (Veg/Bloom buttons on and added my old Sunraise 1000 watt as a lower side light. The Sunraise is running just a blue spectrum veg color.

Seems like they are growing slow but maybe it will pick up with the additional light and turning the full spectrum on my main light.


  1. When should I transplant to bigger pots?
  2. When should I fimm or top plant? I would like to Fimm all 6 and keep it a nice even canopy.
  3. LST or Scrog for my set up? I don’t really like dealing with the nets.
  4. For flower tent I am planning on using my Sun System Yield Master 6 with the 1000 watt switchable balance.
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  1. When the leaves reach the edges of the container.
  2. When it gets to about its 3 node.
  3. Low Stress Training different than scrog. LST is usually just tying the plant down.
    Scrog is a combination of LST, and binding different sections of the stems to the net. Stretching out the grow areas of flowers.
  4. Do you have a different tent for flowering?
    If so what size? The HPS/cmh/MH can flower about a 3x3 area.

Transplant when you wish. I do 2 transplants so that I can bury the plant up to the bottom node each time (I train early and have usually trimmed the bottom 2 nodes off by the time of the last transplant.)

I generally top above the third node, and then again above each successive third node. Be sure to leave an inch or so of nub when you do top to ensure that you get a really good knuckle developed where you’ve topped.

If you don’t want to SCROG, then supercropping may be a good alternative.


Awesome. Thanks @Covertgrower. Yes. I have a 3x3x6’ tent for the flower. I might switch it up and use the 3x3 for veg and the 4x4 for flower but I may need to get a different Flower light then?

After switching to the full spectrum on the Bestva and adding the extra sunraise for side light I have noticed a significant amount of growth!

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This is how I would do it, but you’ll need more light for flowering a 4x4.
You’re BestVa light may only be adequate enough for veg.


@Covertgrower dope. Yeah I think that will be the plan then. I have access to a Sun System Yield Master 6 with the 1000 watt switchable balance for flower in the 4x4? Maybe keep my Subnraise 1000 watt led in there with the hps for flower tent?

The sun system will have dark edges, and adding the LED might cover. You might have heat issues with both in there. I believe the sun system will flower a 3x3.
I prefer LED, that’s what I have. Not sure if you have room in the budget for additional lighting, but HLG 550 will cover a 4x4 seed to harvest.

What HLG 550 do you recommend?

A lot of people have the 3000K which is best for seed to harvest. 3500K and 4000k will get you there too.
I prefer 3000k.
If you get the version 2 it’s the most efficient, and I believe has a small amount of added red. R spec.

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Thanks man. I think I will end up getting that light for my flower tent then. I also picked up some autoflower sour diesel. Maybe ill run them in the 3x3 with the hps and keep these girls in veg for awhile in the 4x4 and then put in the HLG?

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That would work just fine.

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Day #27. The girls look healthy and I’m about to start some autoflower sour diesel in my other tent.