Second grow. Autos

I have an issue. Here is the deets. 3 “pots” a ten gallon with an Og photo. I have a 5 gallon with four autos and yellow on leaves. The have light brown spots. I have three cups with seedlings. Zkittles wedding cake and gelato. Seeds came from this website. Sooo first grow I did one auto outside and two inside. The outside one rocked and I just used water from the well. Inside i ph and did all that and it was not great. The seeds that are not doing good are growers choice. I have some that are in my big tub that look good. Big tub has super soil and for farm ocean forest and happy frog soil all mixed together with super soil on bottom third. I want those seedlings to be good so I have bud to move with. I want to save my four autos in the five gallon bucket and Og kush in ten gallon bucket. Those have fox farms soil and no super soil. I just used well water and one auto has buds and looks dope asf. The others are starting to bud now but have the yellow. Idk what to do. I don’t want to read a four thousand page book and my eyes bother me to much to watch videos.I had eye surgery. I member a while back I used hose water for an aquarium and the ph was high. That is pry a problem. It was like 8.0 But when I did it before I checked water and my two inside plants sucked. My one outside one I sprayed with the hose was fan tastic. I have two 150 watt aglex lights going. I think that is all the info. I feel stupid it’s pry in lock cuz of water but it worked great in the summer outside so I just ran with it.