Second grow! Autoflowers

This is currently my second grow. The first one didn’t go so well. But we learn from making mistakes. I grew a bag seed and an amh auto on my first attempt. My inline fan stopped working and the temps in my tent reached 110 degrees. I decided to harvest what I had. As the main stem towards the bottom looked like it was ruined. So I harvested and started my second grow.

I am currently growing 3 autos. 1 amh,1 nl,1 blueberry. I am using 1500watt bestva led light . I believe the amh and nl are going to take close to 120 days from seed. As for the blueberry I’m thinking maybe a few more weeks. What’s everyone thoughts?


Yes at least a few more. She will put on more weight too!


I go by the trichomes I go for high THC so I harvest when there cloudy instead of amber. Amber is to much couchlock for me.