Second grow autoflower

This is my first since my last plants didn’t make it, trying to figure out what would cause one leaf to droop like that

Gravity? I don’t know, is there something stuck to the end of that bent leaf or just a spot?

There’s nothing on the leaf it was like the other one this morning then it did that

The leaf is green but it looks dead

It looks like you are misting the plants. Water droplets can cause leaf burn because they magnify the light. I’d recommend using a dome over them. A plastic soda bottle will work when cut to size. The mist the inside of the bottle an cover.


could you take a couple pics of each leaf?

the other plant sitting in the with it is a veggie

The 24th will be the 2week mark

That’ll buff out… don’t keep her soaked, give her some light, good air and tell her how pretty she is. She’ll be smoking in a couple months… good luck


Just watered this morning, that’s why it looks wet

Soil? If so, what kind? … adding any nutrients?

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All organic compost

Do you have a ppm meter? Could be a couple things causing it but she looks like my seedling I had in some hot soil

What’s a ppm meter remember I’m just starting out

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Plants are very sensitive to pH which tells you how acidic or alkaline your water/nutrients mix is. Typical range is 5.9-6.2. In regular soil a bit higher. A pH meter is a must if you want success. They range from $12 for a budget model to $45 for a Apera which is the one I love.

There are many grow guides here to help you.

I have a pH meter, my pH shows 7,mine has moisture,pH, and light on one unit

Now my question is everyone has been telling me to let my soil dry out. My meter is reading a 3 for moisture. When would I water them when I get to 1or2