Second Grow and beyond! The seed collection has started

Hopefully my current indoor grow and next will give me enough stock to give a cure a go. Then summer grow. Woo hoo


Not sure bout age. I have a friend who gets it from local zoo…

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I dont use any non sterilized organics indoors… cant chance bugs…

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Would only use it outside

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That would be ideal. This was a summer grow for me. I knew I was throwing myself in the deep end - the conditions throughout were absolute crap. High temps and big swings in RH - from 28 - 82%
That taught me a lot, and I will try to avoid a full summer run in future.
I am just about to chop The Gimp as she has done her 48hrs of darkness - and that will complete this grow! :partying_face: :axe: :rofl: :+1:


It is done!
:axe: :axe: :partying_face:
The Gimp has fallen!!!
She is now hanging in the tent to dry. She was insanely sticky! Far more so than any of the Pineapple Express (The Gimp is a Lemon Skunk Auto). There was a bit of fox tailing - but nothing tragic. The density and weight in the buds seem far greater as well.
I went for a wet trim for this one - as a trial. It is just a finger trim - but the bulk of the leaves have been removed. I have to say, that if there is only one or two small plants to do - then I think it might be the way to go (providing my conditions hang around mid 20s Celsius and 45-55% RH).
Thanks for the tip Nicky!
My fingers were crazy sticky! And the resulting ball of finger hash (about 4mm) placed on top of a cone of Fattie (Pineapple Express Auto) is out of this fu%&ing world! What a great fruit salad!!! :partying_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:

I am pretty sure I will end up with another 3-4 ounces dried - which will get me to the pound mark. :+1: :sunglasses:
Another successful crop! Over the moon with the results and end up with 3 very different stones (I haven’t tried the Gimp yet).
As always, grateful for all of the support and valuable input from everyone. I have learned so much from throwing myself in the deep end - and managed not to make any of the mistakes from the first grow. I know that I will be able to put all of that knowledge into the next grow - that will be bigger and better again with my next grow. There will be updates there very soon!


Congrats on the harvest brother! :sunglasses:

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Thanks mate. It stinks so bad it is almost too much for my carbon filter! :rofl: :crazy_face:

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We found out we smoked a whole bunch more weed than we thought possible once we started growing our own. It is like pay raises as years go on: you spend to meet the income. We smoke to meet the supply. My recently harvested stunted Lemon Haze is not going to last through the cure and it is super nice as is. Way better than driving four hours to Colorado for good weed or buying overpriced NM weak medical weed.


Top Notch! :100::clinking_glasses:


3 x Pineapple Express Auto (single pheno with foxtail tendencies) 11.5 ounces

1 x Pineapple Express Auto aka ‘Fattie’ (different pheno and amber heavy) 3.5 ounces

1 x Lemon Skunk Auto aka ‘The Gimp’… wait for it… 4.4 ounces

Really happy with that considering they were totally untrained and the high ambient of the grow. 19.5 ounces dried and trimmed - I cleared the Pound – test buds are not included in the weigh-up

Each smokes really well for different effect and taste. I wouldn’t say any of them are great for pain assistance – but of the 3 – Lemon Skunk does the best job. As far as taste goes, I really like the heavier taste of Fattie.

All in all it was a really successful grow – with lots learned for future use.

But I would not have got here without the assistance and reassurance of everyone here.
@Cannabian @Nicky @Capt.Cola @KikiGee @kellydans @Enlightened420 @Davyg @Hellraiser @Not2SureYet @Dman1969

That closes off this journal. Thanks again – my focus is now shifting to Four of a kind into a Full House. If you aren’t following that and have an interest in trained Photoperiods – get your butts on over there! I will be updating that with current photos very soon.


Great way to close out the grow,
Looking forward to the next one brother :v:


Congrats on your harvest good job! :sunglasses:


Thanks mate. The next grow is already looking good - if a little neglected. :+1:

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Thank you - really happy with it. :+1:

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Congratulations nice Harvest ! That should keep you and your buddies going for a while. :v::+1:

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Thanks mate. It all smokes really well for 3 different tastes and effects - and yes it MIGHT last until the next s done - hoping for a small stockpile :wink:

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Way to go! If you want a real challenge now try growing mushrooms. It is like dogs and cats. Cannabis is the dog and friendly and easy and wants to please. The magic mushroom is the cat! Wild, difficult, and cranky.

I ordered: ILGM Granddaddy Purple auto and their Premium Mix Pack ( Goldleaf, Cali Drream, and Chronic Widow) and an Arabian mix (Afghan, Hindu Kush, and Pure Indica) and Blue Amnesia auto from another place taking advantage of 420 seed sales yesterday. And I have my ILGM Purple Haze from last year I need to deal with. I am trying to convert the new 5x5 tent to the mushroom hut.

I am not sure I can get any of the Premium seeds in this late in our year for the new greenhouse, which won’t arrive for another couple of weeks at a minimum. We will have brutal overnight sudden drops from 70s to single digits overnight here as our first freeze. And that can happen anytime later Sept on. So I think I am pushing it. We are going to put a heater in the greenhouse later summer, but my husband made a very good point in adding supplemental light in that the whole neighborhood would see the lights.

It is looking good on our production license but they are still not accepting them and they have a Sept 1 deadline for those license to be ready. How on earth they are expecting to pick up the already low supply of cannabis in this state for medical to have enough for opening day on 4/2022 for rec sales is beyond me. This year will favor the big indoor medical producers as they have a ‘pass’ to go ahead and start producing. We figure next year production grow won’t be as big as we start building the big metal shop for indoor production in March. But two years out we should be golden as producers.

So see, one year ago a dungeon sub buddy of mine casually mentioned growing in NY and told me I could buy seeds and grow my own and here we are, a whole new venture and career starting at the end of grow 3.

Be a mover and a shaker over there Bud! You are learning critical skills that put you in a good place should it go legal there.

Great grow and thank you for tagging me!

P.S. I understand not being online as much. I have been same. I am still getting used to the master and lord of this kingdom being home all the time. Which is nice but after nearly 38 years of my own routine the apple cart has been turned over now that the Wolf is in the Den! Lol


That is a delicious selection! Clever me did not even think to look for 420 sales! :crazy_face:
I can only hope that they wake up and legalise soon - that will change everything.
I can only imagine how painful the approval process must be!
It is strange how we get into this - I was gifted 3 clones - that was my introduction down the rabbit hole :upside_down_face: :wink:
Always a pleasure to get your input!


We have really good friends! :heart_eyes:

Oh hey, here is an issue we have: temps still in low 20s at night. We can be 50 deg as a high in late June. So our season can be brutally short. This is why we keep holding off on putting in a pool. Just doesn’t stay hot here for long. I have no idea why anyone on earth thought living out here on a Mars like environment was fit for humans, yet here we are. At least we don’t have ticks or fleas or mosquitoes but you should see the rattlers!