Second grow all new stuff just wanna see wat the pros think pls help

Im growing chocolatina and i think t.k.o ( wen i pass them from solo cups i mixed up the name tags so i dont know whos who ) indoor grow 24 x48 tent 3 plants started grow dec 2 2020 got them in veg … i got a mini fan a mini humidifier led bulb from homedepot ( got a bestva reflector series 1200w cob led on the way should be in by tuesday ) humility in am at 65_70 pm 50 60 temp am 70 to 75 pm 60 to 68 no mold problems or bugs … started grow in happy frog … havent transferred the plants from there 7 inch orchid pots ( i used those for the holes so roots get good air ) recently i was told by another grower i needed more dirt in my pots so i got michigans m3 made mix topped my pots off and watered … did some hst and lollipop the plants … now how am i looking and what am i missing any advise helps … this page really helped me last grown get out some bad waters … in advance thanks im tryin to learn the art well first … growing for me not for sale

Brighter lights will help make the plant bushier.

You jumped the gun on lollipoping your plants. Usually not done until about 3 weeks into flower. Taking off all the extra leaves while in veg just slows down growth. The plants benefit from the photosynthesis and sugar production taking place in the leaves.

Bring your lights down there stretching … see the distance between leaf teirs…m you want that to be around 1 inch… lowering light lessens node distancing

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Guys i just noticed this … this morning … do i cut those leaves off ?? Is it spider mites … no bugs under leaf