Second grow. 2 ak47s/1 gold leaf/1 Bubble gum

2 ak47s/1 bbg sprouted July 14th
1 Gold leaf sprouted July 24th

This is my second grow and I learned a lot from the group last time. Looking to ask less questions and enjoy the ride. Ak47/bbg In smaller tent and ak47/gl in larger tent. 3 were “topped” July 26th. Hoping the will help with keeping plants contained in smaller tent. I’ll wait 1 week to “top” the gl.


They look healthy, nice job!

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Looking good. My second went well had less basic questions. I’m looking toward August when I can get my nest round started.

Just spotted these on the leaves. Can someone help?

Looks like mag deficiency to me. What is the pH of the water before and after? What grow medium are you in?

When I feed them 6.0 ph not sure after.