Second go, much better

my second go at growing. My first go was a disaster, soil was too dense, plants stress flowered and eventually I killed them with love…

these ones are going much better, I purchased some super soil from the hydro shop has made a world of difference.

White Widow Autos
Outdoor, South East Queensland Australia
Dr Green Thumbs, Turbo Dirt ( organic water only)

After germination and put into pots they popped their heads up 20th December

14th Jan

23rd Jan

today 28th Jan

As you can see in the pics some of the leaves have turned brown, then plants have never been fed just watered.

can anyone ID whats causing this?


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All of the white spots make me think some sort of bug / critter of some sort. Have you inspected the leaves top & bottom to see anything that shouldn’t be there. The browning leaf edges looks like calcium / magnesium deficiency. It often shows up early flower. Need to supplement with calmag product. I would think about a little added nutrients too. I think they would like a little flower booster and some nitrogen.


I second everything you said.


so it 10 weeks to the day since they popped their heads up.
I`ve been away for work for almost two weeks now, my wife has been taking care of the plants.
What do you guys think? ready for harvest?
should I just flush for a few more days first?

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I think it looks close, but a closeup picture of the top, middle and bottom buds would help determine. Also if you have a jewelers loupe then go off the trichomes. Clear is not ready, cloudy heads and you’re at peak THC, some amber gives a nice full body high and more than 50% amber is heavy narcotic effect. Just use the trichomes on the calyx heads and not the sugar leaves. Leaf trichomes amber up way faster than the buds will.

yeah, my wife checked them, not quite ready yet, can’t be too far away

Man o man. If u fed that plant some nutes after so long of growing the buds would be so much more for u. When u do the next grow are u planning on using any nutrients or anything. That will help u get double or triple the amount u get off the plant.

I was feeding them, 2-3 times per week, n-p-k, buds-a-million & bloom :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

I was pretty happy with how its going compare to the first attempt

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the drying process has begun, just in time for my return from work