Second go around

I just top dressed my autos the 30th and I’m going to bit juice them tomorrow because I noticed the little bastards are coming back in there. I haven’t noticed one effect the other in any way. The bugs are probably the gnat larvae they’re probably reacting to the previous dose, but your soil has alot of other critters living in it good ones so they could be something else


I thought about it and I would treat the soil with the bit juice now then top dress like you have planned then teat it again on the following water day. Why= it says it takes 5 days for eggs to hatch so treat now then by the time you feed n ready for water again it will be 6 or 8 days giving any new eggs time to hatch and a treatment should get them. Sorry if it’s tuff to understand my post it’s my thoughts on paper, you should hear what it sounds like before I put it on paper lol


I agree with @MeEasy on treating and then retreating! I am not in NLS but I treat with something at least 1 or 2 times a week just as a preventive measure!

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Here they are moved into their final home. Not really sure what to do with those two really small ones but I guess I’ll just see how they do. Something is better than nothing.

I’ll be building some scrog frames for the next run similar to how @merlin44 does for his. Plan is to switch in a week.


Makes sense to me. I’ll plan to retreat in a week or so. There are literally hundreds of those tiny white bugs in the soil in each plant. Hoping its gnats and I can kill them asap.

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Really every time every week or two? Wishing I would have taken them more serious when I first noticed them. Maybe I’ll pick up some neem. Something different to make sure they’re gone.

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If you ever have spider mites or thrips you will want to be preventive too, they can really suck! Neem, something Pyrethrum based, Capt. Jacks dead bug brew(Spinosad), alcohol/water and peroxide/water, keep switching around so they don’t get immune to any one thing. Fungus gnats are not too bothersome unless they are everywhere, but usually yellow sticky pads and DE work for me. NOTE some of these products can only be used at certain times so read up on it well or ask!

White bugs sounds like root aphids more then fungus gnats… take some pics

I think I got the bugs gone. Plants are looking good at about one week flower. They’re taking in way more water than my others but these things are so big. Just water for now with mosquito bits every couple times of water just in case. No real flowers yet. They are thirsty so a little limp.

I’ve dried and started curing my last round and I found seeds. Man wtf. Not sure if these ones hermed or if there was pollen from other herms. I can’t believe I didn’t see this before trim but they were hidden pretty well. I’m nervous these hermed since I can maybe see some dried up bananas. I’ve already got these new ones in the flower room. I vacuumed well but didn’t do much wiping down. How likely is it this next round will have seeds if they’re clones from the ones that had seeds? I’m starting over with new seeds soon but I’m just not sure what to do with what i have since i dont want seedy buds at all. Grrr.

@MeEasy @Holmes @fano_man

If it was a hermie plant then the genetics will be in the clone, some hermies produce decent bud but not an ideal situation!

I’ve got another round of clones going in the cloner now. I think I might scrap those and start some new seeds. I’ll keep this round which is a first clone from the original. They’re just too far along to toss unless they show me herms. Thanks. @Holmes

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Wow looks great man :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:I’m jelly

They do look great but dont be jelly. These will probably herm on me like the others. Or I still have pollen hanging around that will make them seedy. I’m keeping it cool tho and hoping for the best.

Not much change other than they have flowers and they are stretching like crazy. Cleaning out all the filters and dehumidifiers to hopefully avoid seeds again. They’ve been under little to no stress this time and are growing great so I’m hoping the herm will stay away.

I scrapped the clones and started 20 new seeds. Ten cherry malawia from KOS and ten Tina danza from (not sure). Hoping I’ll get ten total at least to go forward in the next round of flower in about two months. Then I’ll take clones from those and find a mother for each strain. Just hoping this round goes better than the last.

Is this the taproot coming up? I started ten Tina danza photo seeds and so far two have come up looking like this after four days. These seeds are probably old but not sure. I also started ten cherry malawai and so far eight of those came up like normal.

I feel like I’m playing where’s Waldo, I can’t find it lol never mind I see it. It just came up like stem first and then the head and it hasn’t seen enough light to turn green. It does look a little deformed to could be a mutant most of them grow out of it

Yeah sorry I was going to circle it but forgot. Then it was posted and I figured if you zoomed in far enough you could see it. Its def the root. I read an article from neb and she said to cover it with soil. I might try that if I dont like what I’m seeing in a couple hours.

Ah that’s a piece of perlite on it thought it was a leaf I didn’t zoom all the way in I had started writing that I couldn’t find it lol

I fixed those roots that were creeping up and they are now popping the right way out of the soil.

Can anyone tell me what this problem looks like with my leaves? Im just starting the third week of flower. I have fungus gnats but they are getting less and less tho I can still see the larvae in the soil. I also have these really small white bugs in my soil. There are hundreds in each pot. They move pretty fast and are impossible to capture on photos. I have no visible eggs or bugs on my plants just in the soil. I do plan to take a sample into my hydro store but that might be a couple days. I have another round of mosquito bits brewing for tomorrow. If you want the whole list of what I’ve got I can do that again just lmk. I just want this corrected before I get too far along.

This is an average looking plant. One of 18.

I don’t want to worry you but if it is spider mites it’s easier the earlier you catch em. Here’s a couple pics to help you know what to look for. Pic 1 and 3 doesn’t look like mites but the other ones do figure it would be good to have the pics either way. Look under the leaves n down the stems with your microscope or whatever magnifier you have because it looks like bug damage

I would treat with the bit juice for the gnats and if you have some DE maybe sprinkle some over the soil or even some captain Jack spray or lost coast if you have it, It never hurts to spray especially now before you have full buds I hate to spray a bud with anything

two-spotted-spider-mites-with-eggs-sm spider-mite-damage-cannabis-sm