Second go around

My second grow is well under way. If you have seen posts from my first this is a HUGE improvement. I monster cropped nine of each of my huckleberry for a total of 18. Ten were taken at 1w flower and eight at 3w flower. Several of the eight are still really small and looking really weird but I’m hoping they even out soon. They’re all in 7g fabric pots with earth dust nutrients. There was a mix up at GSC and it took 3.5 weeks to get them. Instead of letting it cook I had to tp right away and try and activate the soil with other methods like recharge and compost teas. I’m coming into week five and four since I pulled these out of the cloner. From now on I’ll be adding only straight water no adjustments unless I see a problem. Humidity is causing me headaches but I think I’m figuring it out. Waiting to chop my lonely two huckleberry so I can move these into the flower room.


Awe look at lil monster crops :upside_down_face: I like how a reveg looks… weird as hell sometimes


Do you notice that the start of branches in a monster crop are like tiny lil twigs for a whole they dont get super beefy like veg clones

@fano_man The whole middle row and last three in the pics are all the longer monsters. They mostly are growing vertical with really short branches that I can barely tie down for lst. Just hope they catch up soon or they will be smaller flowers maybe. Most of the plants still have one leave fans. Its crazy. Hopefully I won’t have to do this again but if it turns out well maybe it’ll be the way I go all the time.

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Guess I should tag some of the amazeballs peeps who helped me along the first go around in case you want to follow along. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

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It’s a lil extra time… it’s good to keep a mother for veg clones cuz there usually several weeks to reveg

I really didn’t want to keep a mother but maybe I will. I was thinking of just taking cuttings right before I flip and then they’ll be ready to cycle out. Need to read up a little more on that tho.

It’s nice to be able to take clones when ever

I usually take 20-30 from a mother and then flower her, then you can take clones from those and then clone from those! I have not tried taking cuttings from the fourth generation but have read that there is a drop off!


I have 4th gen was better then the first… probably operator error on my part but it wasent worse :v::sunglasses:


My two hucks are right at 9.5 weeks. Per the company I got the seeds from it should take 8.5-9.5 weeks. They are still showing growth but mostly are still clear trichomes with some cloudy and even a few amber. I really do not want any amber because I dislike the couch lock and am looking for more of an uplift. I’ll wait it out a few more days and see if they turn a little more cloudy but if not what are my options if more are turning amber?

Not much to report on the monsters. They’re just growing like weeds. I’ll add some new pics later on.

Are these foxtailing? Coming up on the tenth week of flower. They dont seem to be getting any bigger and the trichomes are still mostly clear. Not sure what to do with these.

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I don’t remember what strain you are growing but many strains foxtail and it’s normal but you can cause foxtailing with stress. Foxtail is just a part of the bud that is growing deformed and doesn’t affect the quality except that it looks different. Most of the time it’s just trimmed off to make the bud pretty for sale. As for your trichomes not turning some strains the trichomes won’t turn I’ve seen it in Haze strains but it’s mostly the sativa dominate strains. Your buds are either ready or damn close to being ready. When you are looking at the trichomes if there’s any new growth like foxtails the trichomes won’t be ripe (turning amber) while further down on the bud you’ll find that they are already amber and you will have to make a judgment call on when to cut them down. As the trichomes turn the thc is degrading or becoming overripe, some people want this to happen because that gives you more cbn and the high from it is more relaxing relieving your anxiety and a more couch lock high


Thanks @MeEasy I think I’m going to chop them in the next couple days. They’ve had plenty of stress but only one of the huckleberry is foxtailing. Guess I dont care how they look as long as they aren’t too over ripe. I’m so over this grow I just want them down.

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They look great and from what I can see in these pics they look ready. I know that you have struggled with this grow but it looks like you are going to get paid for it when you cut em down

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Those look great I dont see anything but fat chunky nugs… foxtail are like fish tail looking spires that rafiatenout from the normal Christmas tree shape… you dont got none of that

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If they got much longer without changing the em in 48 hour darkness and harvest… they will mature with dry and cure sometimes they keep piling on clear trics and your looking at surfsce… hut inner older trics are good so dont let go to long you start to degrade to cbn which is couch lock

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Thanks @MeEasy and @fano_man. I’m getting the drying room ready and will be putting them on the chopping block probably tomorrow. Going to try and hang the whole plant instead of taking branches. We shall see…

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I have a buddy of a buddy who grows out in California and he doesn’t cure his as far as I know. He just dries it and vacuum seals them in whatever quantity. When you open it it doesn’t smell great but after a bit they are smelling great. Do you have to cure? He’s a top shelf grower out there and a cannabis cup winner so I’d think he knows what he’s doing.

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The monsters are growing well and I want to flip them soon. I need to top dress a week before flip. Problem is the fungus gnats are out of control and maybe I have another bug issue. In the top soil there are really tiny white bugs and a lot of them. I can’t tell if they are just fungus gnat larvae or pupae but they move pretty fast. I put de down again and have mosquito bits soaking for another dose tonight. I have vinegar traps set too. If I do these treatments and then top dress in three days is that a safe bet or do I need to make sure thses bugs are gone before I flip? I will never again take fg lightly.