Second go around indoor white widow

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Well, we have come full circle and have started, yet, a new batch of beauties.

We’ve come a long way since the first grow and things are looking much more promising this time around.

We’ve taken care of our light problem, bug problem and heat problem…

But, now that winter has come, we only need but deal with the cold problem…

We’re ok now since we’re still in veg, but I’ll need to come up with a relatively cheap/efficient heat source when we’re ready to go into flower.

I’ll post some pictures of the current setup. Comments are always welcome for improvement.

Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to battle the winter cold, I’m completely all ears!!


You could build a box around the tent and insulate the walls and seal it off with plywood.? Make doors that could swing open?

You probably could seal 3/4 of it with plastic before you start building

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vent your lights into the tent, those should raise the temp some. and close that bottom about half way and exhaust on low to keep more of the warm from the lights inside…

Disclaimer — I have no experience with those lights, or your set-up, so please take my suggestions as something I would try, but have no real clue, I am sure others will jump in with some ideas…



The carbon filter should be on the inside of the tent. Sucking the air through the outer white filter first then exhausting out.

I can’t speak for the heating issue just passing along a tip I received when I was setting up my first grow.


I agree with @Tylan That’s how mine is setup. Similar setup to yours I grow in a NE basement, and concentrate on heating the area where my induction fan pulls air from.


Yes you must keep fan on in side wid filter and make sure its on the top and try to get yr room temp to 25c then yr tent in side shud stay good at nite @LV2GRW


Run your lights at night when it’s coldest and electricity is cheaper and put your extraction fan on a timer… of course you will have to monitor the timing of the extraction fan to make sure that it doesn’t go south one way or the other , but once you get it dialed in and realize how long it needs to run and how often , it can help with keeping the place warmer , as well as using a speed controller …
also I would suggest like the rest of the fellow cultivators here that your carbon filter will work better on the inside of your tent sucking air through it and then out of the wall versus trying to push air through it… :wink:
it’s not meant to work the way you have it now… :wink:

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Thank you everyone, for your input. I appreciate the quick responses.

However, I’m failing to understand how moving the filter inside the tent, taking up more space, will help keep the temp up while the lights are turned off.

They way I have it set up now is:

The fan is set to a timer, running for 30 minutes every hour. With the fan off, the lights are able to heat the tent, keeping the plants at an acceptable temp. The lights are on 24/7 so, with the filter acting as an exhaust port, this system is working perfectly for the time being.

My question is:

When we’ve gone into flower, what would be an efficient way to keep the flowers at an acceptable temp??

Has anyone tried using a non- illuminating heater inside of their tent??

Is your clothes dryer in the garage? Maybe workin out something with your dryer vent and a filter of som sort
Also in your garadge your heating/coolin unit may be close and you could pop in a 4”flex vent to your tent for heating.
Not sure if any of those things would work

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Ooo wanted to say I used a plug in radiator type heater for radiant heat heated a 8x8 room and kept it at a nice toasty temp
Something like this
That way u dont have to worry about catchin the tent on fire with a heater that uses a flame or heating element
Hope this helps have fun

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@LV2GRW Two things about moving the fan inside. The suction will work far more effecionly and the fan will heat up some adding heat to your tent. And once your plants are bigger you should run the fan 24 hours because you will need the fresh air coming inside the tent. And the warmth from the fan inself.


Wow wicked set up mate

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Thanks, @Caosred :blush:

I started my first grow about a year ago. I enjoyed it so much, I saved up and bought this equipment for my second grow.

The 5 plants I have in the tent now are all cuts from my first two original plants of White Widow.

The cuts in the cloner are all cuts from the WW in the tent now. Lots of WW right now lol.

I recently started Amnesia Haze, which is what you see in the solo cup.

I guess I’ll take your guys advice and move the fan and filter inside the tent. I’ll keep this thread going and send out updates along the way.

Thanks everyone!! Happy growing!!

P.S. Pic is of the baby Amnesia Haze :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Mate the fan and filter shud be in side to take out all the shit heated air at the top of yr tent and run a oil heater to keep the room at 25c cause if the room is at a good temp then and yr lites are off and closed off tent you will find that yr tent temp will only drop a little this is wat i do and the low temp in my tent has be 19c wen all off here is a foto of the way i have my set up i hope it helps blessed @LV2GRW


It works both ways


The set-up looks nice @LV2GRW ! Actually, and I am NO expert, except for 1000’s of hours of reading on here, and I have seen lots of people put their filter outside their tent due to space issues. I do not believe it’s a problem. :green_heart: :seedling:


Looks good, @Shuggz!!

I like it.

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Blessd @LV2GRW

@Shuggz What brand of tent is that??

It is lighthouse max my friend @LV2GRW