Second generation clone


Lucy for fed yesterday, 3/4 teaspoon of Natures Care and a tablespoon of worm castings. She really seems to like it, green and growing… the foil seems to have helped the pot temperature a lot, which then helps her. Also of note is the size of her compared to earlier photos; she has been growing the whole time.

The dead leaves are dead, but the new ones are vibrant. Whatever happened to them is over, at least for Lucy.

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Hey the tinfoil will create hot spots on York girl, not a bad idea just bad material :sunglasses:
Idk what ya think?
Yes I’ve been smoking :roll_eyes:


Not the best, I know, but we were regularly getting near 120* for a number of weeks, and her pot was hot. Foil seemed the quickest and easiest, and so far it has worked. I thought about the hot spots, so crinkled it a bit so as to mess up reflections onto the leaves as best I could. We lost several plants to heated pots, didn’t want another MMJ plant to join them.


Perhaps white styrofoam coolers? Just another option.


It has been a few days.

Skye died, she had roots then they were rotting…

But Lucy is cooking in her aluminum foil hat. The styrofoam cooler idea is great, it would have to be small enough, and provide shade to the pot. @FloridaSon Our pots heat up in the sun, but the plants still need light. The little tent has been working so far. When she get transplanted into her larger white home, the foil won’t be needed anymore. I’ll start looking at Kmart and such for little coolers, see what might work.

This is yesterday.

and this morning.

I’m prepping the soil for her bigger pot, she’s getting close. She has been getting ever increasing amounts of worm castings and Natures Care. That doesn’t mean she gets a lot, she got two tablespoons of worm dirt applied to her soil and scratched in, and a teaspoon of Natures Care in a gallon of water on Saturday, and Thursday she’ll get more. I’ve been decreasing the feeding/watering schedules, seven days, then six, and now she’ll be at five. She uses the water faster now, what with the continuous temperatures in the 110 range while she grows. At least at night it cools down to 91 or so…

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We transplanted Lucy yesterday, she had roots poking out the bottom.

Last night I saw these for the first time. This morning they are unchanged.

It almost looks like she touched something, like a bar of soap (ask me how I know🤦‍♂️)

The only leaves affected are those two, and the small one on the right hand side in this picture. Otherwise she’s doing well.

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Looks great


Wow, last post was August, now it’s November! This is Lucy, the clone from back then. Her sister Skye didn’t make it, although she did produce about an ounce of trim for budder, and Lucy has had her issues as well. Back in September rats took her two biggest branches when I didn’t bring her in the house soon enough after dark. I thought that was it, but the remaining branches, as you can see, took off. That tiny stem near ththe crotch? That was the “big” branch we lost.

She has had a steady diet of worm castings from Kmart, Natures Care and bone meal from Home Depot, on alternate feeding/waterings, one tsp Epsom salts on the other feeding/watering, one tsp vinegar per gallon of water every time, one tsp peroxide per half gallon of water every time. The dosages have been consistent, the feedings have been closer together to increase the amount fed. She needs water every two days, so that’s the time for the feeding. I flushed last week, now she gets the magnesium/H2O2/vinegar still on alternate feedings, and the glucose (1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp unsulfured blackstrap molasses in 1 quart of water) on the days where there no magnesium. I had issues with combining everything in one feeding, but this method works for me. Of note: look at her leaves, not a single burn mark, all gorgeous green…

And as to why I’ve been lacking in updating the posts? For the same reason we’re not going to continue this clone line after harvest. We’re pregnant, and my focus is elsewhere. I don’t think I can do both well, so I’m choosing to be the Dad before the pot farmer. That, and lots of people visit when you’re having a baby, and keeping a 4’ plant hidden is too much challenge in this small house. Not to worry, we have more seeds, and if we don’t, Robert has some very nice ones, ones that we know will be females.


Hey congratulations on your baby!!! Heck yeah man, nice work :sunglasses:
When the chaos subsides, you can start the Lil tyke off with a green thumb🖒