Second generation clone


Yes, I think it helps them. I’ve been adding peroxide to the soil and the water on my plants. Will @garrigan62 recommended it, as did @donaldj and others. My understanding, going back to college science, is that it (H2O2) carries a spare oxygen molecule which gets released in the roots, separating into H2O water and O (which immediately becomes O2, its stable form.)


Yeah thanks, yeah I understand the principal, I use it as a treatment for my emphysema, I will definitely give it a try


Kinda the way to think about it the loose O molecule also looks for something to bond to oxygen is on it’s own harmful to bacteria and decayed organic matter


Oh yeah very cool ,I wouldn’t wanna try it with out checking it out, how come you didn’t tell me about this before brother lol maybe it’d help me with my seedlings



Thanks brother, and I was just trying to yank ya chain a little lol my bottle is different because it’s food grade and it’s called 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide


Lucy has shrugged off the mineral deficiency and is looking very good. I fed her Calphos around the rim of the pot two days in a row, and gave her Epsom salts the one time.

While there are still signs of red, most of it has gone green. The plant is tilted towards the sun to maximize rays.

Skye is getting the hardening process, but she’s on hold at 3.5 hours a day in the window. She seems to like it, but she’s sick.

More tiny roots. She had Calphos yesterday, Epsom salts today, both in minute amounts, don’t want to overdo it.

A bit sad looking, but still hanging in there.


I’ve found that transitioning from bud to veg is a slow process that takes a lot of energy from the plant. Perhaps increasing the nitrogen a little bit could help?


Poor you she’s not looking very good, I hope she gets better for you


Thanks @FloridaSon. I gave her a pinch of worm dirt and a small pinch of the Natures Care food she’ll be getting later in life, and mixed them right into the water. Neither should burn, but I still wanted to be careful.

Tiny roots still in place.

The calyxs are still fat, she’s still alive.

Poster child for nutrient deficiency.


Lucy on the other hand, is doing well, adapted to the heat.


She is looking much better, this is the one with the good roots, I have a question though as I’m trying to learn cloning, I’ve got 1 success so far, but everyone suggests in cubes or dirt in my proper gator and the main things are they need dark to grow their roots and just spray their leaves as that’s the only way they can take in water, and your doing the exact opposite


I’m trying to learn, too. I’ve only got one successful clone under my belt, and that one isn’t even harvested yet. These clones were taken from that clone over a month ago, in Lucy’s case, and about three weeks ago in Skye’s. We have an 80 watt grow light fixture that they go under right away on autotimed 18-6 lighting schedule. We haven’t tried the immediate dark method, haven’t done much research into it.

I sprayed them at first, then tapering off so they search for water via roots rather than depend on the leaves.

They were in water in those Hershey’s cocoa containers, so no light could hit the roots, until Lucy showed roots and I transplanted her into dirt. I followed the instructions on the ILGM website on how to treat them when taking cuttings, etc.

Lucy is doing well, but they both got that red stalk thing at the same time, which tells me that it was something I did, except that I treat them differently, each with her own light schedule, feeding schedule, etc.

As I typed this, it hit me. They are in a dark brown plastic container sitting in the window in direct/filtered sunlight. I went and checked, and the container full of water that I’m using to get her to root was 106 degrees using my infrared temperature gun. She’ll be under artificial lighting for a while to recuperate, assuming she makes it.


I hope she makes it, and with my clone lucky ,I got her to full strength and growing well in my flower garden which has a fluorescent bulb, and she and 2 seedlings will stay in there till they are ready to go into the flower room,it’s cool if you sound like your at the same stage as me with the clones, and that were doing it different ways, why did you decide to do it in water and in sunlight ? Or was the sunlight just for the pictures


I grow outside, with propagation and longer lighting periods inside, bringing the outdoor plants indoors for whatever light scheme they are on at the time, be it 12-12, 18-6, or just dark. So the sunlight was to harden her off, get her used to our blistering temperatures. (It’s 105 as I type this, and both the mother and daughter plants are out in full sun.)
I put them in the window to lean them off fluorescent and on to full sun, then gradually take them outside for a couple hours a day, increasing each day by two hours until she’s ready.
My lights are basically aquarium grow lights, so I can’t grow them out inside.
As for the water clones, we had great success with that method on several garden plants we played with, so decided to try it. The dirt clones took too long for me to know if they were doing ok, in the water I can see the roots, so know when transplant. @StormTrooperweed suggested clear food containers with dirt so you can see the roots when they come out.
I’m at 25% success rate, lost three out of four clones (the survivor is these plants’ mother), so I’m on a learning curve. At this point we are going to go backwards a bit, and treat her like a new clone, misting every few hours, only indoor artificial lighting, etc…


Keep me posted my friend and I’ll keep you updated on mine if you like, mine is a gold leaf clone


Yes, please do.

This pair of plants are clones of a clone we are about to harvest that we grew from a seed found in one of our dispensary purchases and lost track of, although we’ve determined she’s sativa, and based upon smell, might be Lemon Sour Diesel (LSD). If they make it, I’ll take clones from them again. I’m using the sun for light, but my own schedule for flowering just like it was an indoor grow. This means new clones will still have a high chance of success (success = we can get a harvest, bonus to preserve the line) once I get them transplanted into manageable pots. It’s getting them to the pots…


Skye is still looking a little sad, but she’s alive and kicking.

Still tiny roots.

Had a lot of leaf die off from the overheating.

Lucy has also had her issues, overheating of the her pot, plus what could be nutrient damage, she didn’t like her first feeding, I had to flush her well, then the heat.

She still loves looking at the sun.

This will keep the aliens from reading her mind. Also, it’ll keep the sun off the pot itself, which should reduce soil temperatures.


It’s been a couple of weeks, both Lucy and Skye are still alive. Lucy is doing quite well, Skye put out a root this morning.

Some die off from the heat, some from the nutrient deficiency a few weeks back.


Lucy has quite a bit of new growth.

She’s very green, could that be too much N? She got a tablespoon of worm castings five days ago.

I always have help.

Also, you can see the leaves going every which way. I guess that’s from going back from flower to veg?

Another deep shot. I used a 5 power magnifying glass with my iPhone.