Second generation clone


For my clones, I water with my worm tea. It still needs to feed, but doesn’t have the root structure yet. This way, I’m providing her with nutrition through the uptake at the cut. So I’m not sure about how long you should wait.

A clone should be fed like it’s mother once the roots have formed.

I feel for you with your heat wave. It’s not as hot here, but the humidity is oppressive. Not that I’m complaining. We needed the rain, and more still, so I’m thankful for it.

I’ll return when I can…


Worm tea ?


I have an old tub for a worm bed that is raised so I can collect the rain water that runs through it…

I always put worms in the holes I place my plants…


She got H202 while she was in the water, but no nutrients at all. This red stem is the one that I just transplanted two days ago, Lucy. She got fed 1/4 strength organic Miracle Gro fertilizer.


Lucy looks good, she still has the red stalks.

Nice and bright, she gets 8.5 hours of direct Arizona sun today. No transplant shock, or not enough to cause any wilt. (Fingers crossed)

Skye is coming along, has her first tiny root shooting out. I also fed her some of the food we give every plant, the Miracle Gro organic fertilizer, just a bit of dust in a teaspoon of RO, maybe twenty grains.


A little yellowing in the leaves, looks like she might need food. We shall see how she looks tomorrow, after today’s feeding.

New growth in the head and at the base of some of the fan leaves.


Here’s Lucy next to mother, Mary, getting her rays. 10.5 hours today, tomorrow she should be out in full sun all day.

Red stems and some discoloration in the leaves. Potassium? Phosphorus? Both those deficiencies are kinda like the way she looks, but I’m not sure. She got glucose this morning, honey and molasses, just like mom.

The yellowing could be N deficiency, easy fix, but the reddish color in the leaves is what is concerning. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Oldstoner @Donaldj @ktreez420 @daz49 @FloridaSon @garrigan62 @Matthew420 @Majiktoker

Skye, still in the water, has similar discoloration. Disease?

Pending roots are still pending. The suspense is killing me…

Still pretty on top, the leaf stems are even getting red. The mother had been flushed well a couple weeks before the cutting, could it simply be lack of nutrients?


I think they are all looking great, you have some poorly leaves, I have some poorly leaves on mine as for 1 day so 2 feeds I fed her, but the nutrients mix was to strong, I misread it, but now I have a fair amount of nutrient burn coming through but I’m just snipping of any of the badly burnt leaves,as I want all of her effort going into her buds and not repairing the leaves, but the root system you have will make her really strong and give her a great start


Nice job @Bunny-mike


We gave Lucy one tablespoon per gallon of Nature’s Care organic plant food, since everything was pointing to deficiencys. This is what her mother got all during her growth. So far, so good.

Skye, the plant still in water, got about one grain of wheat (a tiny bit of dust) of the same product in a tablespoon of water last night. If we guessed right, we shouldn’t see any progression of the disease, and new leaves will be nice and green.



Lucy. Yellowing is reducing, as is the red, and her leaves are out at a ninety, grabbing sunlight. Her first day of all day sun. It’s only supposed to be 109 today, so that’ll help her out.

Flattened leaves

Skye isn’t doing as well. She got another grain of wheat of worm castings mixed in her water when she got her peroxide.

Reddened leaves.

Roots are still pending…


You can see how the leaves lay down.

She’s in the garden window today, too, started her hardening.


Red stems are phosphorus or cal mag deficiency


What hydrogen peroxide are you using and looking great


Cool, thanks! That’s why I started feeding them both not knowing for sure what was wrong, but I was guessing at a deficiency of some sort.

Epsom salts, highly diluted? Followed by calphos?


That should work fine


Kroger store brand from the pharmacy section. We use/reuse what we have as much as possible.


Thanks, I’m on it!


About 1/8 tsp Epsom salts and a half teaspoon Calphos in a quart of RO, Skye got a tablespoon in her water, Lucy got the rest in her soil.

Now we wait…


I have 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is that any good to use


We use 3%, so you could dilute it tenfold and it should work fine. I put 5ml in the water daily, so you could put one ml and that would equal the higher concentration recommended (it calls for 5-10 ml daily) spot on.


Thanks brother I’ll definitely give it a good, would you think its good for seedlings to