Second generation clone


She’s looking great, I’m just getting into cloning myself and finding it interesting but hard, what strength hydrogen peroxide do you put in and do you water it down or use it pure


I use grocery store brand 3% peroxide, and just a tsp/5ml per day. I add it directly to the existing water in the container. Got that tip from @Donaldj. I also changed water in Lucy, and plan to change Skye as well.

This is our first water clone attempt. We have a dirt clone about ready for harvest, these are the daughters.



5ml per tsp :wink: just saving confusion 15ml tbsp I would hate to see people over or under feed based on conversion


Thank you! That is correct, 1 tsp = 5ml. Yes, I try to provide metric info if I can, but it’s so confusing, which is why I try lol.


Lucy getting her daily dose of full sun. She’s out for half an hour in the cool of the day (93 F, 34 C), then has an hour in a garden window before going back under fluorescent lights. I’m hoping the will harden her to the heat without a major instant change. Today’s high is predicted to be 117, yesterday we had 116 on a prediction of 122, so slow adaptation seems wise.

Her roots are growing rapidly. Perhaps a few more days…

Green and pretty, with new leaves in the center.

Skye looks happy.

Barely any roots yet.


Lucy is growing nicely.

Her outside temp home, hardening he for the summer sun. Predicted at 116 again today, so she’ll be back inside in an hour or so.

Lots of roots, they seem to grow very rapidly, we are going to have to transplant soon.

Skye hasn’t got quite the root bundle yet, but she was cut a week and a half after Lucy. Little sprouts are showing and growing.

She still has remnant flowers.


I’d be planting that girl now my friend


She’s sleeping gently in her new digs under artificial lighting. Tomorrow she’ll spend much more time outside, gradually building up to full days, adding maybe two hours a day? Is there any info on hardening plants to unreasonably hot weather? Mary is doing fine, so I know the strain can take it.

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Looking happy in the new crib


I’m sure she’ll grow at a monstrous rate, fingers crossed but you don’t need it buddy


Her night seems to have gone well. No signs of transplant shock. The worm castings top dress has disappeared!

Two hours of Arizona sun today, with another two hours in the window to come directly following. The heat and burning sunlight are the challenge, so this hardening isn’t the normal, "let her adapt to the cold " hardening, but the opposite. Car show and Jeep season are in “winter”, nothing gets scheduled outside during summer. She also got her first feeding, 1/4 tsp Natures brand from Miracle Gro in a quart of water. That flushed her through, she’s so small.

Little sister Skye. Her bud isn’t forming anymore, bit the trichomes are still there.

A bit more root. Another week or so, if she follows in her sisters footsteps.

No wilt, she seems far better off than past dirt clones. We shall see.

Cut off in mid-budding. That orange is leftover from her cutting, she was only a few weeks to harvest when she broke off.


They look a tad bit heat stressed our heat is a little hot lol and pretty hard on these plants


And they are inside, with Lucy just recently starting to move outside, but it’s 79 in the house. My lights aren’t suited to inside growing, so sol is my light source, although we did see a cloud a few days back. I’ve added the fan I used in the first grow back in, blowing through the indoor tent to rid it of the heat from the lights, I’d forgotten about that. Thank you for spotting that. @Majiktoker

The strain itself doesn’t have problems with heat, the mother plant is outside in the direct 116* sun, and the lowest it’s been in days in days is about 93. I’m hoping that hardening will do the trick, this is the time of the best sunlight.

Lucy was outside for about 2.5 hours, direct sun, then into the garden window for filtered sun for another 4 hours, before going back under the fluorescent lights.


Yea I feel ya I got the same heat im in Arizona as well so eh lol haven’t been liking our heat Haha its been pretty bad like almost every other year its good to have heat resistant strains here


119 scheduled for today.

Skye still has her trichomes.

Fresh water and ready to get back under the lights.

Not seeing a lot of progress on the root issue, but Lucy was like that too, nothing, then a whole bunch of growing all of a sudden.

Lucy in her outside sun spot. I aim her at the sun after taking care of her. She got a 1/4 tsp of Miracle Gro in a quart of water yesterday, quarter strength. Now to wait and see how she does during hardening.


Over 95 F (35 C) before 8AM

Lucy is looking good, ready for more sun.

Does the red stalk indicate anything?

Skye is still covered in trichomes.

A little yellowing on the bigger leaves. She has been indoors under artificial lighting since cutting.

White bumps showing!

Another yellowing leaves shot.

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Honestly I think her purple stems are ok for now if they dont subside within the next 72 hours than there may be a possible slight deficiency at hand @Bunny-mike


I have to agree. It may be a response to the hardening off process.


Should I slow down the hardening? Or keep going and just watch her? She only got her first feeding, the very first food she’s had, two days ago. Could that be a factor? She’ll get 5.5 hours of full sun today, the rest of the day is in the window, then she goes into the room under artificial lighting to complete her 18-6 schedule.

Should I give her a little food, such as the same food I fed her mother, but feed her a bit more? How many days after transplant should she get her second feeding? @Majiktoker @FloridaSon @daz49 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @Oldstoner


Are you giving her any hydrogen peroxide? I hope you’re other one is doing well, she had loads of roots