Second generation clone

I’ve taken a clone from my just-going-into-flower clone, and we are usIng water set the roots in, using a Hershey’s Chocolate container as the pot. She was taken a week ago, June 2, just after her mother went into 12-12.

Here’s a question for the clones that use water. How do you tell when the roots are big enough? Do I just leave her in that stagnant water for the duration? I’ve got no bubbler, what could be used, what am I trying to accomplish with a bubbler?

Her home for now.

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Sorry @Bunny-mike I start my clones in vermiculite and perlite mix that @Majiktoker put me on to
Only didn’t one clone but it rooted well in a week so I’ll be sticking to that for now
@Donaldj may be able to help with this question if
Majiktoker doesn’t see the tag first
Good luck with the clone @Bunny-mike


Until rooted I usually,mist them down the take better to it and what is she in to get roots?

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If she’s just sitting in water you will want to change that water several times or add peroxide about 5-10ml daily to keep water healthy


She’s in regular RO water, after being dipped in the Bontone II rooting growth hormone powder. She looks good, but the water has been in there a week now. So I guess when I change the water I’ll be able to see if roots are growing. If they are? Just let them grow for a bit? A little H2O2 should help?

Yea follow what @Donaldj mentioned above

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This may sound simple but i use Clear Plastic Food Containers - 1 Qt size for clones for exactly the reason you posted, I wait till the roots are all over the plastic and visible - using Just water is to much work for me - Im a lazy grower!
here are the clones i started earlier this week


Thank you @Donaldj
@Majiktoker We did a water change, fresh RO, and a little less than a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. She shows one microscopic root after a week. I moved the lights down, closer, about two inches instead of four. Is she slow starting because of the aquarium lights?

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@Bunny-mike not likely, clones usually need less light to be able to take root without stressing


Cool, @Majiktoker, thanks. She’s on 18-6 under the fluorescent lights that previous generations have enjoyed. She also gets misted several times a day.

This is our first water clone, but I really like the clear food container idea @StormTrooperweed. Do you cut water drainage holes in her bottom?

The artificial lights affect the camera somehow, sorry 'bout that, but she’s doing nicely.

I had assistance with misting and adding peroxide.


Lucy, as we’ve named her, after the Beatles song.

My help.

It looks like she has some sugar on her, could she be in flower somehow?

Not likely i dont see any hairs, she could be building it as a protective layer

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You should do a little side by side cloning experiment. Since you’ve already got this going in the water, grab a solo cup or little pot and add soil to it, with tons of perlite (to keep it aerated). Cut your clone, dip into cloning powder (if you have it), and stick into the soil. I have a bubble cloner I made, but I’ve been using this rooting technique for the last month and it’s been 100% successful for me. My bubble cloner was about 75% success rate, but maybe that’s because I could be using it better?



Our new clone, taken this morning. Actually, I broke her last night tying her during LST, but we waited until this morning to decide.

She’s very floral looking.

In water, again, after the rooting powder.

Those were some nice budlets…

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We’re using water with daily peroxide shots (5ml) for the oxygen. The soil way has the issue of not knowing what’s going on down there. I love @StormTrooperweed idea of clear containers, best of both worlds, but I didn’t have any this morning.

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I’ve never cloned in just water. I’ve tried using perlite with ok results, but the thing that works best for me is to just take the cutting and stick it right in the soil.

We all have different methods that work for us. Try a few different methods and see which one is best for you personally.

I tried some new ones this year and hurt my yields for this year tremendously! Out of 25 cuttings, only two made it and they don’t look like they will do much.

So I went back to what I’ve always done before and the two clones I cut are going strong! Just need to find your method.

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We’ve been 50-50 in soil, thought we’d try water for these ones. If these work, I’m considering @ktreez420 idea for the next generation, although I can see a possible lighting issue, what with solstice upon us. When they leave the confines of the nursery, they will be on whatever the sun provides, which could cause early flower. They could be getting carried in and out daily so that they can live in artificial lighting from six AM until I move them, and again in the evening until midnight. They’ve got a three month life cycle from seed, four months from clone, so that could be a lot if carrying.

Lucy is showing roots!

Very green and healthy looking. She’s only had artificial light so far, I’m thinking of “hardening” her to the heat over a few days, it we’ll see.

Skye was a broken branch done while performing LST, and she’s doing very well, too.

Tiny root bits showing.


Lucy’s roots are growing nicely. The addition of peroxide to the water has seemed to really help, thanks @Donaldj

Skye is starting roots, and also throwing new leaves, as you can see at the top of her stem.

Still has a flower bud, but it is no longer changing colors to orange.

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Lucy is getting hardened to the weather now. Yesterday she got 15 minutes of full outside Arizona sun, and half an hour in the window. Today she got half hour in the sun and an hour in the window. Of course, this is done first thing in morning so the temperatures are only in the nineties.

Lucy has some nice roots going. A few more days, then she’ll move to her new digs…, dirt

New growth in the center.

Busting out all over


Skye’s roots are still pending.

Her flowers seem to be getting absorbed, they don’t wilt, just don’t grow.

I trimmed a fan leaf, so she might look a little different than previous posts.