Second clone untangled. What a project that was

I transplanted my second clone into its new homebase. They were very entangled but very healthy. This clone is 8 weeks old. Goes into main room in 4 weeks. I am mainlining this lassie aswell.

It is always nice to read about success. Don’t get me wrong; I love to help folks out, but I also like to just see, nice grows. Thanks.

Threads like this take me back to the early days. :slight_smile:

Yeah I pretty much got it as far as clones and seedlings and training is concerned. I’ve got over 20 years experience with growing outdoors. Your help is much appreciated. Pity we can’t have a smoke together one day. Lol :sunglasses::smile:

nice job dude! I can see the mainlining taking shape. Im going to attempt to do a grow like that as well. I read that whole article from nugbuckets and it sounds very doable. I also read he perfected this style of grow for his then tiny grow space he had. It sounded very similar to the amount of room I have to grow in. So I’m hoping I can emulate his success in my little 2x3x3.5’ closet. Question: How long did your plants take to grow enough nodes before you chopped it the first time?

I start training mine before I make the cutting. So quite a few bro