Second attempt. My journal for some help

Well, my first grow is still going, but my plants are not growing very well. With what I have learned in just the short time of starting it, I am starting over again. I would appreciate any and all advice from you folks. This is a lot more complex than I expected. In the pic, the two on the left are two days in, the right three.

BTW, these are sunset sherbet.

Got pics or post of your first grow? Can’t learn from mistakes, unless we know what they were.

Are these growing as the should? The title is the thread.

@prostock can’t tell, but they look a little dry. If so, try misting them with clean water, tops and bottoms of leaves. Be careful not to overwater at this stage though

Silly question, but I have searched the site and can’t find the answer. Is there a listing of what some of these abbreviations, like FFOF mean? Us newbies don’t have any idea what that is.

I don’t like abbreviations without explanation either. FFOF is Fox Farms Ocean Forest potting soil. You might also see FFHF which is Fox Farms Happy Frog potting soil.

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Thank you @CMichGrower