Sealing the walls

From a fellow grower:

The biggest problem right now is sealing off my grow room odors

I don’t know how stinky it will be and, if I mis-calculate on how well my odor control works then ill likely have to throw my first plant away . I plan on starting with one plant only (in a small pot) and seeing how bad it stinks up the whole house…

I’m mostly wondering what the best material to use to seal the walls and the door in the room. I picked up some thermal blankets made from Aluminized polyethylene or Aluminized polyester. I don’t care if the bedroom its growing in stinks, I just don’t want it leaking out.

If I first covered the walls and ceiling with plastic (like the type you put down when painting) , then put the thermal blankets over top would that give me a good enough seal for the odors?
Most do it yourself grow boxes are made with cardboard, wood or frames wrapped with Mylar sheets… does odor seep through those?

I will have a bedroom sized air purifier with activated carbon pre filter installed inside the room. One odor eliminator bucket outside the room, and one above the room on main floor.

These are the strains if bought from you,

Purple Haze
Super Silver Haze
Gold Leaf
White Widow autoflower.

Is there any of these that are more smelly than others when flowering? Are they all skunky smell or any smell like something different?

All I can say that all strain listed will “smell”. smell travels thru the air so things must be really closed up tight -which could lead to air circulation issues. easy fix, get those spray’s that shoot burst’s every minute to 5 minutes. or invest in an air purifier (can be expensive) keep air moving all the time to reduce smell

You will need to add a carbon filter exhaust system. You can vent the filter out through any outgoing exhaust vent or add a vent in the floor.

You will need a 4’ or 5" vortex style fan with a carbon filter. A length of flex duct, and some flange/adapters to fit the system out.

You can just seal the room and run the fan driven carbon filter, but then you need a way to vent out the heat.

Hope this helps. lw

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I am by no means an expert but I currently have four plants in a 4x4 tent in a bedroom. All I did to prepare the room was to put a tarp down on the floor and black out the windows with curtains. I don’t have any special ventilation system, but then I seldom have visitors and when I do I just burn incense or a perfumed candle. My plants are only smelly during the last stages of flowering.

Have you considered venting into the attic? I live alone and don’t have the skills to do this for my room, but it is pretty easy to vent up through the attic. You might want to do it in the closet where it isn’t noticeable. I plan to do this eventually and then install a fan in the roof that will help recirculate the air during the hot summer months.

I live in an older 1950’s house that has small closets. I have found the closet works really well for raising the seedlings and for the vegetative growth cycle when the plants are smaller. Your one plant would probably be fine in an environment like this.

However, with one plant I don’t think the odor is that big a problem.

The concept is called negative air pressure you want to keep your grow space in a vacume so air is pulled in this is best accomplished using a carbon filter and fan rated to the cubic feet per min cfm of the space you are using. If you maintain a decent neg pressure all air smell is pulled into your room tent and through the filter cleaned and sent on it’s happy way if done right fresh co2 rich air is pulled into your room and temp of the space is easily regulated with a fan speed controller. I use a fan and filter rated for a far larger space have no need for an intake fan since my exhaust pulls air into room at constant rate I vent the scrubbed air through my furnace exhaust discrete and easily accomplished.

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So the problem being in canada is that all the carbon filters im searching for on

They all only offer either water filters or flat square carbon filters for air purifiers. I search for “can filters” “activated carbon filters” “4 inch carbon filter” “6 inch carbon filter” , “carbon filter”. Nothin useful comes up.

Very discouraging that the items i require cannot be bought in a store. Im getting alot of suspicious questions from my wife about all the things i have coming to me in the mail all the time

I can find the correct filters in the american stores on .com websites only.
But canadian stores (.ca) do not sell activated carbon filters for ducting. Its impossible to find the ventilation required in my country.

I guess i better just stop trying to grow if an air purifier with carbon odor filter isnt good enough.

I live in Canada and assure you you can as I could walk into any of the 3 hydro shops in town and buy 1 today or at a store that supplies auto body shops. But that is besides the point they can also be made easily enough using aquarium carbon and some cheap non descript items from staples


I like it, Trip to Walmart :smiley:

check out this diy